Ubisoft: Downloadable Child of Eden not “in the plan at the moment”

Perhaps one of the saddest stories this year was the lack of commercial success for Child of Eden.

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Bigpappy2715d ago

well that is a sad mistake on their part. This was a perfect $30 game, not $50. And having is downloadable would have really helped push the sales.

I am going to predict thatit will be downloadable by tear end. What I can not predict is the price point.

PirateThom2715d ago

It's odd the way they priced the game, pretty much killed it at retail. Then they've priced the PS3 version correctly, but, released it after the 360 version meaning the hype it had is gone.

Godmars2902715d ago

So, it either should have been a relatively cheap Kinect-only disc game, or a multi DL featuring Kinect/Move options. Yet for some reason someone at Ubisoft - sort of - wanted it all. Including an illusion of exclusivity.

Venox20082715d ago

my personal GOTY... sure it wasn't ptised correctly, but other thing, I think people maybe should bought it more if there was at least more couple of levels

Kurisu2715d ago

I will be buying it for PS3 at the end of this month. How long is the game?

Venox20082715d ago

6 or 7 levels + additional content, artwork, effects change, music clips ...I don't know maybe there are more content.. but game has got endless replay value

dragonyght2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

translation its its an hour/half game

Kurisu2715d ago

Thanks venox :) I am buying it on the same day as the Team ICO collection, so I will play Child of Eden first :)

Venox20082715d ago

no prob. if you like thing like creativity in games, you'll be amazed by it's visuals and other pasionate things :)

Dazel2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

It should of been a Xbla/psn title at around $25/£15 and it would probably have sold well as an impulse buy. I will wait for the bargain bin.

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