Is gaming worth the money?

FSUBones discusses the value of our hobby in an opinion peice. Relating the monetary expense of video games and DLC to that of other pursuits.

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fluffydelusions2716d ago

For me, yes. Nothing more relaxing after programming all day then to sit down and play some video games :)

EVILDEAD3602716d ago

I absolutely love this hobby, but I say it all the doesn't come cheap.

I own all 3 of this gens consoles and am now DEEP into owning over a 100 titles for my 360 alone. Last year was ridiculously expensive..especially for me buying both Move and Kinect with 5+ games a piece from jump, not to include all of the games I bought last year. This year is going to be worse. I'm looking at close to 20 games between September and January. (to include gifts)

But I will not lie..all games are not built equaly and there are those times where the experience may not have warranted the price, but it won't stop me from supporting this hobby to the fullest.

The author is questioning the 10 dollar Black ops about the 150 dollar MW2 price or the legendary edition of Halo 3 or the 100s and 100s of dollars millions of us spent playing plastic instruments. LOL @ me buying the expensive Keyboard edition of Rock Band 3 only to play it 3 times.

I Salute all the REAL gamers who truly love and support this hobby.


TheMyst2716d ago

I'm on the same boat man. I have all 3 consoles and the two handhelds and so far I've got about 60 Ps3 games, 30 360, 15 wii, 20 PSP, and 20 DS... I look at my shelf and wonder how the hell I spent so much money on so many games, lol. And I think I'm about to snag Kinect from a friend for less than 100 bucks with 3 games included. Just so I don't miss out on absolutely anything.

EVILDEAD3602716d ago

Lol..suuuure that's not what your other account said..

longcat2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

The distraction combined with the sense of achievement is worth it for me as well.

A lot of people i know think that it is a waste of money, but i think jewelery is a waste of money while they dont.

The worth of something to a person is dependent upon a myriad of factors. not sure if the question is even worth asking.

Solid_Snake-2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

£15 to watch a 1.1/2 hour movie once at the cinema + £10 on snacks.

or £25 to play a 200 hour RPG in the comfort of your own home with 4 tinnies,10 fags and a tray of chips and curry sauce.

gaming any day thanks.

Pandamobile2716d ago

People like to spend money on entertainment. What's wrong with that?

LOGICWINS2716d ago

No one said anything about there being something "wrong" about spending money on entertainment. It's merely an examination of whether your truly getting a good bang for your buck when you buy a game.

IMO, it depends on the game in question. Games like Skyrim obviously offer more replay value than most single player only games.

Caleb_1412716d ago

Problem with that outlook though is there are truly amazing games such as Heavy Rain which really deliver on the plot-front of a game - yet lack the replayability of Call of Duty. It's quite sad really because there are some truly great Single Player experiences out there which people just tend to ignore because they don't get much out of it.

MidnytRain2716d ago

I never thought that those kinds of games offered much replayability. I mean, you have a lot of other stuff to choose from on your second time around, but the sense of discovery goes out the window. Discovery in open-world games is important to me.

Bigpappy2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I agree with 'Pandamobile'. It is a general statement and therefore demands a general answer.

I would choose to be more direct though:

Q: Is gaming worth the money?

A: Yes! I keep buying them, so it must be worth it to me. No?

@LOGICWINS: Thats why I have not bought a Madden game this gen. It is not worth it to me. Now Skyrim and Gears 3 sound like sound investments to me. So you can bet you long johns that I will give up my $50 for those games.

Like I said the question is generalising so picking a few example for or aganst does not really answer the question. To me this is directed at people on the outside looking in, as I don't see someone who is gamer, sitting a round wondering if it is worth it, then going and popping down $60 more. If this is the case, he is in no condition to answer the question any way. That person is wath I will call an addict, and should seek profectional help.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2716d ago

Is gaming worth the money? Yes. Is it cheap entertainment? Yes
Like you said it's a better value than most things. Yeah it's sometimes fun to do other stuff like going golfing but that only lasts one evening and can cost like $40 when my video game lasts weeks before it gets old.


DA_SHREDDER2716d ago

I would hardly call gaming cheap. Little Cesar's pizzas are cheap. Gaming in all is nothing but one big scam. Not that gaming isn't great, but its hardly worth the money they sell the hardware and software for.

FAGOL2716d ago

It all depends on the game. Not all games are worth the full retail price.

LOGICWINS2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

$60 for a game that you may very well be playing for the next two years(Skyrim, Uncharted 3 etc.) is a great value...but I wouldn't say that $60 is "cheap".

Just because you get a good value from something doesn't automatically mean that its cheap.

I'll be using my $1800 HDTV for the next 5-7 years. Great value since I'll be getting a lot of entertainment out of it...but that doesn't mean that $1800 is necessarily pocket change.

@DA_SHREDDER- Your right. One could call it a scam since most of the games people buy aren't worth $60 a pop. For example, tons of people buy the next Madden and COD every year, yet they only bring minor changes to these games. And THEN these companies expect you to pay more for DLC.

I understand that there are people that are happy to put down $60 a year for these games because they like them..but when you see the massive improvements that devs are achieving with games like BF3 and Uncharted 3, you can't help to question why games like COD/Madden aren't seeing these HUGE improvements as well.

UltimateIdiot9112716d ago

Well how would you rate expensive or cheap? A cheap TV is somewhere in the sub 300 range for a 32. A cheap house would be compare to other houses around the neighborhood.

I say gaming is cheap entertainment because I get more bang for my bucks compare to OTHER form of entertainment. We can't go around compare apples with rocks.

If it wasn't for all those people who end up buying all these DLC, these companies wouldn't keep doing this. It's because people out there just keep buying these rip off DLC.
But know what I do? I don't buy the DLC or don't even buy the game that might implement such a strategy just like I wouldn't go out and buy overprice auto insurance.

fsubones2716d ago

Interesting point, but "cheap" is a subjective term. To Bill Gates, both $60 and $1800 is "cheap." To a person who is unemployed, neither one of those amounts is feasible for a game or TV because they're worried about putting food on the table.

monkeymagik2716d ago

Think it's hard to put a price on things, depends what games you want, and like most things in life. If it's something you want to do in life, money is irrelevant.

Nate-Dog2716d ago

I think it is, but it's still expensive and I think us gamers in general as a group are not the best of consumers considering the prices and company practices we often put up with without any waivering (such as shorter games for the same high price, unfinished games on release, certain DLC trends, etc.).

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