New White Knight Story scan from Famitsu

The knighthood of White Knight Story appreciated the change of equipment as can be seen in this scan taken from the latest issue of Famitsu magazine. The armors and clothing can be modified and will have a visual impact anytime but during the cinematics, where the heroes will sport their basic look. This epic RPG is planned for 2008 on Playstation 3.

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DrWan4923d ago

This game came a long way, especially when the game was first annouced the graphics they used was all pre-rendered base on what the engine was "Supposingly" capable, just like Killzone.

predator4923d ago

dont know much about this game, but looks cool

superman4923d ago

Its just a matter of when it hits the states. Damn i cant wait.

Vojkan4923d ago

Good thing that Famitsu is hyping it in Japan. Every month they put new stuff about WKS. PS3 need strong JRPG in Japan.

The Wood4922d ago

have become my new gaming pet hates. I understand that some people dont know about games like this but ive been following it for a while..... point.... Just bring it ff sake. *scans looking good*

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