New Virtua Fighter 5 PS3 gameplay video

The footage features seven of the game's characters slugging it out with each other, including Lion, Lei, Eileen, Akira, Lau, Pai and Aoi. Click the movies tab above to watch the five-match footage and get your first glimpse of how the hugely popular series will appear on PlayStation 3.

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calidredz5861d ago

I watched the video and it is nothing amazing. I believe fight games have reached their full limit and to distinguish this from any other fighter is impossible. I cant distinguish this from DOA4 or Tekken 4 for that matter, until photo realistic abilities are achieved I am done with fighters.

calderra5861d ago

The reason this looks like DOA is because this game is COMPLETELY copying DOA. I've played quite a bit of Tekken, and this looks nothing like Tekken to me.

Especially the first fight. Lion uses the exact same Snake style as Christie from DOA4 in points. His movements come in the same rhythm as Christie's. He even has the same combos in spots- there's a move where he ends up facing backwards, exactly as Christie would in her exactly same combo. His finishing move in both fights (double kick in the air) is even the a signature a Christie move. The chick he's fighting (lazy) has flowing robes... just like DOA4's Kokoro, who uses the exact same fighting style.

Up next is Gen Fu and Leifang. (Eileen?) uses lots of Leifang's big sweeping/roundhouse kicks. Gen Fu man has lots of big charging moves. The next fight's too one-sided to get a feel for comparisons.

All in all, I see no Tekken and lots of DOA4. Well, DOA4 with barely any counters or throws... so it's really more like a feature-stipped version of DOA4.

Then again, Tekken's always also had incredibly complex movelists that take more time to memorize than you'll actually spend playing the game. So the people playing here probably just haven't bothered to memorize any movelists and thus are working with the half-dozen moves you can manage to pull off without spending an hour experimenting with the controls.

xXbebofisherXx5861d ago

by virtua fighter or tekken for that matter ne more. ever since i played doa 3 for the first time doa has been the best fighting game to me hands down. graphics wise it may not look that good but DOA4 gameplay wise owns every fighter out there. but as i was saying im not impressed by this game at all any more like i used to be. fighting games will begin to look better and better in the future but they might also just lose their gameplay egde becuase they are to worried about graphics. we'll just see what happens to the fighting genre in the next few years i guess.

THAMMER15861d ago

Looks alot like DOA. But I do like the colors they do not look as vivid a DOA but they are more earthy. To bad I will not ever own this game.

andy capps5861d ago

Hasn't this been out in arcades longer than DOA4? And if so, wouldn't it be more applicable that DOA4 looks like this? Neither are my cup of tea, but wanted to bring that up for the sake of argument.

LiquifiedArt5861d ago

to Say "Looks like DOA" is ridiculous, DOA is a newbie game, when virtua fighter has been out forever, and was the first 3d Fighter in the world.

2ndly, A fighting game is a fighting game, what do you want.. Seriously its a fighting game, a game that tests your skill, strategy,timing and execution against another players.

THAMMER15861d ago

Talk about hurt feelings man you should to chill. And why are you talking like that. Get real dude you do not run S#!t. You need to back up a few feet.

calidredz5861d ago

I could care which game came out first they all look alike. Who came first is a aspect that seems so miniscule to me, the point is they need to add more depth to fighters. I am no longer 16 yrs old.

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The story is too old to be commented.