What Xbox Live Did For Us

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Xbox Live. Breathe it in. Has it really been that long? It doesn't feel like half a decade ago CVG were rubbish on MechWarrior deathmatch and always last at MotoGP, but it really was.

Microsoft's online service has come a long way in five years. Sure it's not free, but Xbox 360 boasts the best online console gaming service ever with the regularly updated Marketplace and Xbox Live Arcade. It also made its rivals and third-party publishers take online seriously for consoles.

To celebrate the service's fifth birthday, CVG have compiled a list of what they think are Xbox Live's greatest feats. None of them will be a surprise to PC gamers, but this is about Xbox 360.

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pacman6154921d ago

take your 50$ to offer you ads ?

Multigamer4921d ago

no what it did is pave they way for online gaming now, u wouldnt have ur psn if it wasnt for xbox live.

Mr Marbles4921d ago

Sony would still just be promising PSN, h3ll if it werent for Xbox there would probably still be no PS3! You clowns would still be playing PS2. It is is pretty clear they dont want to give PS2 up, it actually makes them money.

Douchebaggery4921d ago

I don't mind paying for live but I still don't see why it's not free. pacman615 is right what XBL did is showing companies that gamers don't mind being ass raped out of their cash.

aba4920d ago

If it wasn't for xbox live sony wouldn't have gotten off their ass and developed the PSN, crappy as it may be.

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Saint Sony4921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

Without live, so many precious online moments would have not happened.
Live rocks!
*wipes a tear*

And those who say "it sucks because it costs".. well lets put the same phrase this way...Does PS3 suck because it costs that much?.. I guess so. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Captain Tuttle4921d ago

I never liked online gaming until I found a big group of like-minded people to play with on Live. The value added to games that I still play online more than outweighs the $1 a week that I pay.

predator4921d ago

good article from CVG, i agree with them on all points, xbox live has done a lot for online gaming for consoles, so you must give ms credit for that, keep up the good work and keep pushing sony to make their psn better to. good outcome for all gamers.

Noodlecup4921d ago

MS still haven't explained what that $50 goes to, there's no dedicated servers and nothing else, you still get lag online and people disconnecting and taking their servers with them. You don't see that on PSN, I think MS should take a note from Sony's book, not the other way around.

Also if it wasn't for the PC community Live wouldn't exist either, it goes both ways.

Zhuk4921d ago

Xbox Live is the greatest advancement in console gaming since the original Atari. The Xbox and Xbox 360 are at the forefront of offering revolutionary services that expand the possibilities of gaming to new heights.

Just like the coming of Christ, history forever will remember the huge impact Xbox Live has had on the daily lives of consumers worldwide.

ikkokucrisis4921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

Lol, your comments are so over the top it actually sounds like you're making fun of it.

But yes, the Xbox Live service is the best online service for consoles.
As it should be, since you have to pay for it and all..
but it is still at least 5 years behind what kinds of capabilities are on PCs...

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The story is too old to be commented.