First (Leaked) Details on Marvel Universe Online

1UP's source reveals the troubles, fights and headaches that occurred during the development of Microsoft, Marvel and Cryptic Studios' Marvel Universe Online.

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Skerj4929d ago

From reading those details it's a good thing it was canned when it was. Then again it doesn't really sound like something that's unfixable, probably needed someone to step up to decide the important things and kill off that "too many chefs in the kitchen" stigma the development cycle seems to have had. I wouldn't have been too happy with the customization or lack thereof though.

TheMART4929d ago

I am glad its this game and not any other of the rumored ones, couldn't believe the others already but didn't think about this one. I don't care at all about this Marvel stuff, so thanks MS its this game hah

HarryEtTubMan4929d ago

What a little baby... don't worry the DC comics MMORPG is still coming to PS3... and yo should have one by the time it drops. O yea and don't about the 4-5 NCSOFT MMORPG's that are EXCLUSIVE to the PS3 also. Superman and Batman FTW!

Vojkan4929d ago


Zhuk4929d ago

This game deserved to die if it this problematic, great decision by Microsoft. I think they should put money in developing a MMO with Bioware anyway