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Player Affinity writes: "I read a pretty appalling article on Gizmodo last week about an OkCupid match gone wrong. Just so everyone's on the same page, you can read it here. It sparked a little fire in my blood, so, as I do when I want to discuss something with my friends, I posted it on Facebook. Alarmingly, a few of my friends were of a similar mind; learning that someone plays Magic: The Gathering, World of Warcraft, or White Wolf is an immediate turn-off. "It's the female mind - we don't like hearing that our potential life partner and father to our children is playing games at 30... Casting spells and shit ain't gonna get you groceries at Wal-Mart." The underlying idea, and what my friends actually took issue with, was the idea of someone playing games to the exclusion of their everyday lives and duties. I’m alarmed that they immediately jump to this assumption about someone who plays Magic: The Gathering with no other information. My simple plea today is this: gamers and non-gamers alike, please stop judging people based solely on the games they play."

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IQUITN4G2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

That thumbnail version of the picture is quite unflattering showing what looks like this lady has a bigger nose than it actually is

And with that, will that mean the usual slew of impressively mature comments?

Jormungandr2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Oh god... I could rant on this topic for hours.

I've played them all to be honest. I've had an emo/crazy (malkavian) vampire character in Vampire The Requiem. I've had my share of elves in Dungeons and Dragons. I've got enough magic cards to open a magic shop tomorrow (im not even exaggerating). I've played every system since the Atari 2600 and own all but a few of them. RPG, FPS, MUD, MMO, RTS, Sim, God-Sim, Platformer, Puzzle, you name it... I've tried it.

You know what I've realized? Maturity has nothing to do with what you do in your spare time... and everything to do with priorities. A man who spends all his time at work and never has time for his kids is no more mature than a WoW player who can't keep a job cause he skips out to be there for guild raids. In fact I would argue the addictions they suffer from are actually the same one.

Mature people don't jump to conclusions based on preconceptions or assumptions. Children do. And if a woman would tell me she isn't interested because I play vidjagames then I don't give a damn if shes the hottest peice of ass on two legs and came back the next day begging to be the first member of my harem... the answer is no. I have no use for some one that immature in my life.

Take heed women. Your arrogance, ignorance, and (yes) immaturity will one day make *you* the undesirable ones.

FTA: "It has reached a point where one gamer decries another as "not a true gamer" because they don't play the same kinds of games"

This is another thing I could rant about for hours. Just the other day, right here on n4g, I was told I wasn't a real RPG fan because I preferred FF7 to FF6 and thought the series had gone to crap since FF7. Never mind that I probably have been playing games since before he could hold a controller without thinking it was a chew toy. Never mind that I prefer the Breath of Fire series to Final Fantasy any way. And never mind that that I think FF4 was actually the best FF of them all.

Here's a little secret for you all. You want to find immature people? Go look in a mirror. Every one is guilty of it. The ones that are most guilty of it are the ones who refuse to admit they are guilty of it at all. The same ones that always look down on every one else for being immature. Its not something that is limited to any one group. Hell it's not limited period... I doubt there are more than a few hundred people on earth that wouldn't qualify as immature in some way or another. Jobs and kids and age and affinity for games be damned.