When will videogames honor the fallen troops of Afghanistan and Iraq? writes: "Can videogames ever really honor those soldiers and their families who fight abroad for us in Operation Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom, or will the industry continue to exploit them for the dollar?"

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iamnsuperman2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Never and it is because it is really hard to do. Enforcing an emotional response is hard and for a game to do it off the bat doesn't have the same effect as if you play 3 or 4 games with the same characters so you get to know them and still the effect is no where near the same. Emotion cannot be shown but experienced. The best way to describe it is when you watch a TV programme for 5 years and then a major character dies. This kind of emotion just cannot be replicated in games because it isn't a new episode every week. They also can't over do the emotion because then it is too forced and then backfires. It has to be subtle and it is in games like Medal of Honor. I felt Medal of Honor was the first game to really show scale in a war and how you are a small pawn in a larger conflict. But this doesn't mean it gave the soldiers respect.

GameZenith2719d ago

I have to respectfully disagree.

Red Dead Redemption was just one game and yet I had a STRONG emotional attachment to John Marston.

NukaCola2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

We tried this once or twice but the subjects are attacked my the media.

Six Days in Fallujah was telling the events of what the marines went through in the first major battle there. It had death, and fear, and emotion. Showing that in battle, your team mates are you brothers. This wasn't a COD where they pick random names for your NPC and you are the star. It was a story driven game about fighting along side your brethren. Thank the media, liberals and conservatives combined, for attacking this game with no remorse and in complete ignorance.

The Medal of Honor came out, and because the had 'taliban' named in MP, every news station in America without any knowledge of it or common sense, drove that game into the ground with hate and ignorance as well.

Though this story is fictional, Battlefield 3 looks to replecate the most realistic and emotionally story driven war game.

As for the real world, we apparently aren't ready yet. Not that we as gamers aren't mature, but the way the media is. They aren't ready to except a game as art or story driven media like a movie can do. It's quite sad people can't grow in understanding, only in gossip and hate. If the news is going to attack Flower or the Sims and call it an 'evil liberal ajenda to use fear in controlling children to believe recycling is the only answer against nuclear power' <---(Yeah this is what we are coming too. So much for MK or Fallout, Gears, GOW, or Doom to be the focus of attack when it comes to 'bad games' as they say.) the there is no way in bloody hell they will ever except a war game like that. Regardless of how inspiring or noncontroversial it may be.

AngelGirl162719d ago

I disagree. You can definitely care about a character in a videogame in the course of a single game. I played plenty of videogames that would make me upset if the character died.

The problem is that video game developers make their characters be bad-asses. They cursing in every sentence. They kind of like douchebags. Do you honestly expect me to care about Marcus Fenix.

If they made someone like a family man that fighting for his wife and children. Someone with feelings. I will actually be rooting for them but developers do the complete opposite.

Marcus Fenix2719d ago

I don't see anything honorable about invading another country.

Shackdaddy8362719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Someone has. It was called Medal of Honor.

If you beat the campaign, there was a huge speech addressed to soldiers from the tier 1 guys who helped make the game. The SP was also extremely respectful.

But you know, no one cared about that. Everyone just cared about the word "Taliban" being in the game.

badjournalism2719d ago

Willing to bet the author didn't even finish the SP campaign.