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ThisisXbox writes: Developed by Digital Reality, SkyDrift is an aerial combat arcade racer which has both amazing single player and multiplayer content which we can only describe as exhilarating, breathtakingly fun with a big capital ‘F’. The best comparison against any other Xbox LIVE Arcade title to date would be to match this against ‘Hydro Thunder Hurricane’ only with the control of planes instead of boats – SkyDrift easily wipes the floor with Hydro Thunder Hurricane in many different ways and we truly believe that after playing the free trial of SkyDrift just once, you would be more than willing to purchase the full version immediately. This is not a simple flight-combat style game; it hooks into your competitive nature and willingness to succeed, it’s a race for the number one spot using a combination of luck, skill, speed and offensive/defensive weaponry tactics where a brief wrong move could leave you trailing behind your rivals. Expect to grit your teeth, slam your fists, but you’ll do better next time – you’ll make sure of it … or so you might think!

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Bigpappy3306d ago

Is this out already. Never heard of it. I did play Crimson Allience with my part last night, and found that game to be a blast in co-op. Trying to find all the hidden areas, and getting enough gold for the better weapons is mad fun.

thisisxboxcom3305d ago

Yeah I had never heard of it either until one day before release, and I was really quite shocked. It's an absolutely brilliant game and pretty much nobody has heard of it before or even knew it was coming.