My Niritori: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Multiplayer Beta | First Impressions

First and foremost, I consider myself lucky, even getting the chance to play this beta. Up until a few days ago, Revelations Multiplayer Beta was only available to PSN+ subscribers. I thank Sony for making a change in their decision, for I was able to enjoy this very entertaining multiplayer beta with my friends and give a good idea of whether or not it is worth playing. Truth is, if you’re reading this review, then you probably already know a good bit about the multiplayer, or have already played it yourself.

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DFogz2594d ago

Generally I like the beta, but I have a couple problems with it.
Tutorials were awful in my opinion.
The Deathmatch mode, where there's no compass, is terrible. I don't mind it being a small map at all, but it populates it with characters nobody picked. So like the author said, it's just a matter of looking into the crowd and going "There they are!" It involves no skill at all.

I loved the climbing in Revelations though, much better than the others, the addition of those plants you could swing around corners with was much needed. And I love how now when I leap towards a pole instead of grabbing and hoisting myself up like before, the assassins now grab and swing around it.

Mike_Tha_Hero2594d ago

Yeah the tutorials were annoying, so pointless.

The game overall though feels "tighter" so I definitely thinks it's an improvement from last year