Euro Stores Break Street Dates On Gears Of War 3 And Space Marine reports on two seperate street dates broken in Europe in rapid succession. Both Gears of War 3 and Warhammer 40K: Space Marine were sold prior to release dates by European stores, to great displeasure of their respective publishers.

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fluffydelusions2599d ago

Wish my gamestop did it too! I want this game NOW

Micro_Sony2599d ago

Wont be long until some A hole spoils the ending on N4G...Think i might stop reading comments on N4G until the I get Gears 3

Neoninja2599d ago

Yeah I gotta agree with ya there Micro_Sony. I remember when Gears 2 was coming out, some prick posted spoilers like crazy! Here's hoping maturity kicks in this time around....although it is N4G.

Les-Grossman2599d ago

Gears 3 is out in the wild (online) so the ending will be online soon enough

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tigertron2599d ago

Lucky buggers that bought it. :(

Daavpuke2599d ago

This mostly. Getting an early start because of some store messing up does not suck. Not your fault, so can't do anything about it.

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