Mario & Sonic at the Olympics: Videogamer Review

Wii games always face harsh criticism from cynics, and cynics love nothing more than targeting mini-game compilations, which is exactly what you'd expect to find in this saccharine take on the obligatory Olympic Games tie-in release. However, it's a real surprise to find that this collection of physical challenges actually contains some worthwhile chunks of gaming, that are far more comparable to the games offered by the essential Wii Sports.

The best on offer combine an emphasis on speedy button pressing with the need for only very basic, semi-rhythmic Wii-mote gestures. Trampoline for example, demands increasingly complex button combos while you gently keep your bounce's momentum with a soft rock of the controller. Other stand out events include the intricate archery, the exhausting 400m relay, and a range of extremely addictive track and pool events.

The other pleasant revelation is that this cuddly ode to the Olympics is actually reasonably challenging. Whilst they are all very accessible, few of the two-dozen events are immediately conquerable, and most require a modest amount of practise. This adds a great deal of longevity and credibility to what could have otherwise been a rather empty experience.

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