New details revealed for Uncharted 3’s Subway promotion

A few new details have been revealed for Subway’s promotion of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, which includes full early access to competitive multiplayer and other virtual goodies.

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crxss2598d ago

Can't wait!! Goin to subway on 9/29!

jdktech20102599d ago

So wait, how does this work? If I get a MP voucher code on 9/29, do I get to play UC3 mutliplayer from then until release with that code?

First time I've heard of this promotion

Buuhan12599d ago

Yes. You get to enjoy the full multiplayer a month before the full game comes out. Your process in the multiplayer also carries over to the final game.

spunnups2599d ago

i guess ill be going to subway, a lot

Game4life2599d ago

I like subway but I wish they had fries like Penn station: East coast subs
Oh well to subway on 9/29 then

Buuhan12599d ago

Dammit, I love Penn Station. When I lived in Ohio there was literally one right down on the corner... but now I'm in Tennessee and the nearest one is 25 miles away.

I've gone twice. XD

Game4life2599d ago

yeah the closest one to me is in mentor ohio roughly 3 or 4 miles I think. I don"t know of any others though. I think the fries there though are like the best fries ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.