Part 1 Nintendo: “For richer, for poorer”

Pro Military Gaming presents a three part opinion piece (Part 1 Nintendo: “For richer, for poorer”, Part 2 Sony: “In sickness or in health”, Part 3 Microsoft: “To love and to cherish 'till death do us part”) written by PMG contributor, Ryse Up, about his personal thoughts on the current state of affairs concerning the big three console makers and their future. This first article is entitled; Part 1 Nintendo: “For richer, for poorer”.

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ryse_up2593d ago

I just want to reiterate a statement I made in the post:

"Since I want to leave on a constructive note I will present you will what I personally want Nintendo to do next. I want the Wii U to launch and for Nintendo to release at a $250 price point no matter if they make money or lose it. I want Nintendo’s Online component to be strong and innovative because it will be handled by a third party, and lastly I want Nintendo to release at least two first party games a year and give third parties incentives for new product as oppose to shovel ware. Then when Microsoft and Sony release their new consoles I want Nintendo to release a successor to the SNES. That’s right, I want a core gaming system made with no more motion gimmicks than can fit into a standard controller. Dump the Wiimote and focus on innovating and creating quality games! Why can’t Nintendo have a causal box and a core box? The Wii U comes out in 2012 and the “Ultra NES” can come out in 2014-2015. What do you think?"

I really do like what I have seen so far for the Wii U but it leaves me wanting a less than causal game system out of Nintendo.

AngelGirl162593d ago

The wii U is not launching at $250. It gone to be 300-350. Anything higher is overkill.

I really don't want their online component to be handled by third party. Im failing to see how that going to be innovative. It just going to be annoying. I want a universal account system like psn and xbl.

The snes console is pointless and stupid. Game developers developing on the wii u will most likely put different control methods allowing you to use your classic controller or the wii remote like they did on the original wii. Releasing the ultra snes will just be a waste of money.

Titanz2593d ago

This is the first time I actually agree with you(Usually, you're trash talking Nintendo).

jacksheen00002593d ago

$250 sound great for Nintendo's NextGEN gaming console. But, I think its highly unlikely that Nintendo would ever price the Wii U at $250, considering how many times Nintendo messed up this year alone. That said, when a company makes too many mistakes, it can result into millions lost to wrong decision making.

Oh, and what about for those who have already spent their hard money on the 3DS? Another is, what if Nintendo decides to release a new and improve 3DS with the second analog stick build in? what do you think is going to happen from there? Heck, I can clearly see that most 3DS owners are going to end up at the pawn shop or maybe even sale their 3DS on Ebay.

However, though,I know money isn't always going to be the most important thing, especially when companies as big as Nintendo need to protect their name and image. So what you said about Nintendo pricing the Wii U at 250 would seem like the most logical thing to do. But then again, where taking about Nintendo here? And if I know then well enough,Nintendo will not go over board on the price tag, especially when Nintendo is all about their cockamany low cost Policy.

ChickeyCantor2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

"Dump the Wiimote and focus on innovating and creating quality games!"

Oeeee...contradictorious- licious.

"Why can’t Nintendo have a causal box and a core box? The Wii U comes out in 2012 and the “Ultra NES” can come out in 2014-2015. What do you think?"

...No, cause I expect the "250" box to give me at least 5 years.

Droid Control2592d ago

Wii U will only sell to the ninty fanboys.

The hardcore and casuals will not jump on board. Its too expensive for the casuals and too weak graphically for the Hardcore.