How to combine fatherhood and gaming

Keith Stuart's wife is about to give birth to their second child and he's doing the most sensitive and supportive thing possible: planning which game he will be playing throughout the coming months of sleep deprivation. Orange Box is out of the running - the critically lauded collection of Half-Life 2 instalments promises a rollercoaster ride of multidimensional alien invaders and government conspiracies - and frankly that's asking a lot of someone who can barely finish a sentence without slipping into unconsciousness. The same goes for Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect - waaaay too demanding.

Apart from the titles he's paid to play, this is his gaming life from now on. Snatched moments of electronic pleasure late at night, watching the clock and knowing he will regret it in the morning. In your teens and 20s, you wring the very life out of epic 50-hour experiences like Final Fantasy, Castlevania and Grand Theft Auto, but when you're older and wiser, those hours start to look like a wasted chance to put those shelves up.

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