OnLive Partnership & Cloud Gaming Coming To Xbox 360 - Xbox 360 Mag Italy August 2011 Rumor

''The August 2011 edition of the Xbox 360 Mag Italy is awash with mysterious rumors, with the most prominent stating that cloud gaming and an OnLive partnership is coming to Xbox Live in the future.''

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egidem2597d ago

If this rumor is true, then it's interesting to note how Microsoft repeatedly refuses to allow Steamworks on Xbox 360 because of the closed nature of their platform, but they would allow an OnLive partnership?...

This seems very sketchy to me.

SilleGamer2597d ago

Seems rather sketchy indeed.

If these services were in the works, why weren't they announced at E3 2011.

Somethings amiss!

gamingdroid2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I think it isn't that MS refuses Steam, I believe MS wants a better deal. They always do, since they are the premium service with enough clout to demand stuff.

That said, I would be surprised if this happens as from a business standpoint it would be a pretty bad deal for Sony/MS.

TheMyst2597d ago


No, MS simply does not want to open their network, end of story. And seriously, just cause they charge for something that's free everywhere else doesn't give them any more "clout to demand stuff."

gamingdroid2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Really, because if MS doesn't have more clout how come Sony complains about MS as Sony can just enact their own counter policy?

As I said, a closed or open network doesn't matter. Money speaks the loudest, if the deal is more favorable to MS, you will definitely see them open it up.

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Anon19742597d ago

Not a chance. There's just no way we'd see it this gen. If 2013 is indeed when we'll see the next Xbox, perhaps that will be enough time to implement some sort of cloud system. Given the success of XBL, a type of cloud system would certainly match up with Microsoft's previous success with charging monthly fees. Some kind of cloud gaming would at least offer something for those fees that the competition isn't offering.

Solidus187-SCMilk2597d ago

I dont want to stream my games ever, but this is kinda a cool Idea for the future or changed a little into what Ive always wanted for a while now, digital GAME RENTALS.

MS/Sony should have online game rentals for PS3/360. It could work just like DL a digital game except it cost less and you only get it on your HD for a certain amount of time. They could even have it so you could buy extra days for, or pay the difference and keep, your rental if it was a game you really liked.

This could help MS/Sony and DEvelopers to get money over places that rent, and alot of people would do the digital rentals instead of buying a game used sometime possibly.

I think digital game rentals would be cool not onlive tho, my connection is good enough to DL a game in 30min-1hour or so I think. So Id just like to use the internet to DL it and play it smoothly from my HD.

iamnsuperman2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

So this is for the PS3 as well as for the 360???. I am unsure about this. Doesn't this mean their console is obsolete. If this is true I wonder how much it would be. To be honest it sounds like Onlive said they would like to do it and an Italian magazine has taken it as they are going to

fluffydelusions2597d ago

I can't picture this happening...

bozebo2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Won't happen, OnLive and Microsoft are competitors. MS would get nothing out of this and infact LOSE a LOT of money. They make money from physical game sales and lose money from console sales (at least they did at the start of the gen), why would they want to pay for OnLive to have a platform to profit off of to the detriment of their current and future business model?

I guess we now know to ignore anything from "xbox 360 mag Italy" now because this is the second obviously BS thing that has ben accredited to that "source".

Godchild10202597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

You would still need Xbox Live to use Onlive, so Microsoft will still make money. And there are still a lot of us that like to have a Disc in front of us and not wait for it to download or stream as we play. I like offline gaming more than online.

OcularVision2597d ago

"They make money from physical game sales"

Do you think MS would make more money from selling $60 physical copies that they have to make, ship, store, and pay royalties to?
Do you think they'll make more money selling access to a game that's stored on their servers?

bozebo2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

er.... you clearly don't know what OnLive is.

Firstly: the royalties for games (you know, CoD and other third party titles) are paid TO microsoft by the publishers/developers per unit sold - that (and XBL fees) is where the bulk of their profit comes from. They make a loss (or did at the start of the gen) on console sales to get them into people's homes so they have a platform in which to gain royalties on from unit sales.

OnLive runs PC versions of the game on their servers (not MS's servers) and streams input from the player in return for a video feed and audio feed of the game.

Most of the potential users of such a service on XBL would already be paying for XBL Gold anyway. So they would be buying less physical games and therefore be taking away from MS's income.

OnLive has its own subscription fee and/or fees for individual games - why would you want to pay for XBL too when you could just use the laptop/PC that you already own and is certainly powerful enough to run OnLive and save the XBL fees.

One of the major selling points of OnLive is that you don't need capable hardware, having a 360 means you already have hardware capable of running the software. It's best use is on weak/old PCs/Laptops or their cheap dumb-terminal "console" (just input/output with a weak cpu and video chip to render the feed)

OnLive is in direct competition with Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. If OnLive had the mass market audience, it would spell the end of major consoles.

But OnLive in itself is flawed because it isn't physically possible to offer unless the user is close to the servers (high pings make the games unplayable, even 60ms is too much for shooters, fighting games and racing games because of the reaction time delay)

Just look at the other comments above and below... Other people are saying more-or-less the same thing as me.

OcularVision2597d ago

wtf are you talking about. all im saying is that MS would profit greatly from doing such a thing as implementing OnLive. All it takes is really a firmware update to make it be able to stream the content.

bozebo2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

wtf are YOU talking about?!

MS would LOSE a LOT of money from that partnership.

turgore2597d ago

Unless they can use it to play PC games on it ...

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