I Won’t Be Buying The Dead Island DLC, Here’s Why

Disclaimer: The rant I’m pretty certain I’m about to go into is not directed at the Dead Island game but the industry in general. Only days after it’s release Dead Island DLC has been dated and to go one better than that it was announced before launch. DLC I’m almost certain could have been included on the disc in the first place. Am I the only one fed up of buying into this DLC culture?

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AngelGirl162686d ago

Oh please. I agree that it was really stupid of them to release an unfinished version of the game but they patched the game the next day. The sexist remark wasn't that serious. Alot of game developers plan and work on dlc before the game is finished. Dead island is a great game. It really sad that you would stop supporting this company because of a few mistakes.

ashbc2686d ago

I never said I stopped supporting them. I believe downloadable content should be an after thought:
a developer has just worked all out on a game and it is awesome
fans love the game so much a great deal of them are calling for more
THAT is when i believe the notion of DLC should be concieved. Money shouldn't drive it, although I agree that money should be charged for the extra work the developers put in, the fans should.
As for the sexist remark, it saddens me that you: a female can laugh of such a slur. Feminists helped secure the female vote and if degrading the word feminist is common practice in a business I don't expect many educated people will want to be connected to it.

TheGameFoxJTV2685d ago

Dude, the thought of a feminist whore in the first place is an Oxymoron. So how could anyone take it seriously? It doesn't even mean ANYTHING! It's like saying something is a cold hot.

ashbc2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

@ TheGameFoxJTV

Thanks for the example but I know what oxymoron means. Also, if the English language has taught us anything it's not the relationship between the two words, it's the word types and the connotations they imply.
Feminist is usually used as a noun(like TABLE) as so is whore. However the two words placed how they are changes the noun "feminist" to an adjective (or as you might know it: a describing word) there for blurring the connotationally lines between feminist and whore. Put simply, using the noun "feminist" as an adjective changes the connotations of the word. Thus, sexism has occured.

xAlmostPro2685d ago

@ashbc Sorry dude but i disagree.

For a start, mistakes happen. A sandbox game as big as this is pretty hard to excuse of all glitches and bugs. I mean take fallout new vegas for example was riddled with waaaay more bugs than dead island, GTA IV had a bunch too and both these games were made by way more established developers. Yeah they fucked up with the steam release but again mistakes happen.

Also after the very first trailer for this game you have to consider the pressure that would have put on the teams shoulders, it practically went viral(in a gaming sense). Sometimes it's easy to get carried away.

Add to that, im pretty sure although this is a random guess. That about 80% or more of people got the special edition that includes the DLC code due to it only costing around an axtra buck or two or in some places the same price as a retail game. So those people aren't out of pocket at all really.

Also is it confirmed that the DLC will cost 10$ ??

One final note i wish to make is that of DLC being up for grabs or releasing so early. When you get closer to the end of a games creation for example. The less people you need on the team to help finishing touches. So it's common for those who are no longer needed or are only required for tiny little things to group up and begin on something new for the game such as DLC. For example the game art may have been finished half way through(not the guys who re-build in 3d models etc.) so when coders start becoming un required they have new work already waiting for them.

I actually feel i didn't explain that last bit completely well however, good enough to understand. If you're also wondering how i know of this cycle it's because i have one of the motorstorm developers on my friends list and we got chatting about the dev process :)

sobekflakmonkey2685d ago

my comment posted on the page:

"I agree, EA is famous for shit dlc that should have been included in the first place, im sick and tired of getting games that are pretty much un-finished when you buy them, and then you pretty much have to pay an extra $16 for the rest of the game, stupid shit like that makes me sick, battlefield is notorious for this, i remember getting bad company 2 and just being disgusted by the dlc, no game should have dlc right on the launch date, and its always stupid shit too that you should never have to pay for in the first place, and its always stuff that should have been there in the first place, it just pisses me off, but that being said, Dead Island seems like a complete game as it is, maybe they just started thinking up DLC right after they rapped up the game, same goes for Deus Ex, the DLC isnt day one but a couple months after, and thats alright with me, I like to see games like Deus Ex, Dead Island and Infamous 2 expand, because they should, they have the ability to, and I would like to get the most out of my games, so no I dont think its that bad with Dead island, cause AT LEAST its the entire game, and they arent charging you to use something you should of had from the get go."

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radphil2685d ago

"I agree that it was really stupid of them to release an unfinished version of the game but they patched the game the next day"

And this is the crap that needs to stop. They couldn't get away with that in the past, because that would have hurt them severely. Now it's "Oh it's ok cause they can fix it".

Rather than many companies releasing it "when it's done", there's too many publishers FORCING a release date, regardless of the status.

sobekflakmonkey2685d ago

Dead Island has been in production for ages, I feel like it needed to come out regardless and I have been having fun with it, im excited for the DLC I just hope it isnt some BS that was supposed to be there in the first place, and im sure it wont be, i just want them to keep adding to it over time, instead of making a new game, just give me that DLC, L4D could have to done it but instead they made a second L4D which was pretty much DLC for the first one if you think about it, but yeah, DLC is always good unless its shit that should have been there from the get go.

Miiikeyyy2685d ago

Dead Island is a huge game, they missed alot of glitches. They couldn't just change that cus the game was already on a disk, so they have to patch it. It doesn't mean they rushed it.

radphil2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )


The thing is, it's not the devs fault I put huge blame's the publishers that force that. Some of them set a strict date for a product to be released, regardless of the status for the most part.

The thing is it's not so much as the act of patching a game, it's how MANY times they have to keep doing that, instead of sitting down and knocking out a bunch. Sometimes it seems backwards to what is needed.

I'm complaining in the sense that I WANT this company to be seen as a good start, rather than having a nice idea getting botched by errors >_<

And I really wish this site would enforce people into having to comment before voting. Rather at least someone debate against me as to what they dislike about what was said.

TheHardware2685d ago

DLC should come wayy after a game has been released, like RDR, or Borderlands....the same week the game is launched is f%$king ridiculous....I wansnt buying the bug ridden piece of crap either way, so I guess my opinion doesn't count....

xPhearR3dx2685d ago

There is no DLC yet, the date is still TBA.

rdgneoz32685d ago

Seeing as everyone is complaining about the DLC, anyone notice that it came for "FREE" if you preordered the game? I haven't gotten the game yet since I've been busy and I wanted them to iron out the bugs (after buying New Vegas and not being able to beat it till it was patched made me a little leery of another huge sandbox multiplat), but at least I know its my fault that I could have gotten the DLC for free by preordering the game originally.

ThreshStar2685d ago

...right, because why shouldn't it be your fault? You just held off due to a developer releasing a bug-ridden, borderline unplayable game for $50-$60 that I'm sure ANYONE could just drop down in this economy. And because of that mistake, you better pay an extra $10 for your negligence.

Lord knows it's not about the money, just the fact that you were being a selfish consumer.

Give me a break. Saying things like that only empower a developer to continue to leave content out of a game, only to turn around and sell it to you to get even more money. That's the point of a video game: To make money. Anything else and you're just kidding yourself.

Stop making yourself out to be a victim.

rdgneoz32685d ago

Making myself out to be a victim? How?

I was saying if and when I get the game later on, if I want the DLC, I could have gotten it for free before if I had preordered. But seeing as I got Resistance 3 that day and had trouble with New Vegas before, I felt like waiting on the game.

Unless you plan on buying the game used (which gives 0 to the devs), then you'd still be paying the $60 for the game. So preordering and getting the DLC for free and waiting to play the game, would still cost less than buying it a few months down the road new, unless Amazon or such did a decent price drop (like Deus Ex today for $35).

Trust me, I don't support devs that cut content out and then make us pay 15 for it later down the road or as day 1 DLC. But the arena was given away for free as a preorder bonus and it has no release date yet.

GTRrocker2685d ago

Or you can just wait a month or two for a massive price drop and get the game and the DLC cheaper than you would have from pre ordering...

JellyJelly2685d ago

This game is getting a huge amount of undeserved criticism.

HeavenlySnipes2685d ago

because they accidentally dethroned Fallout asthe glitchiest game ever.

One-X2685d ago

I think it's because of the trailer... people are still going on about that and critisize the game because it isn't emotional... A lot of bullying going on with the game for sure..

Dropdeadll2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

@ jellyjelly

? Everyone who downloaded update 1.01 on PS3 version has lost trophy progress and story progress, now when you try to continue on it only saves a small percent of what you did so its impossible to play on.

smashman982685d ago

I wont be buying this dlc either...

because i preordered it and am getting it for free :P

if ppl wanna complain about the dlc then all i can say is why?

i agree the game is glitchy atm...

but not an unplayable mess im having lots of fun

as for the dlc they announced the bb arena as preorder bonus a while before release so if you didnt preorder it thats your own fault

fourthpersonview2685d ago

Didnt they made "Blood bath" DLC free to apologize for the whole "Feminist Whore" thing?

Kran2685d ago

No that was a special edition bonus.

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