COD 4 PS3 online running smoothly recently reported that Infinity Ward was working hard to end the dreaded "Downloading Game Settings" message that popped up when attempting to enter the online mode of their addicting shooter, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. PSU is glad to report that everything now seems to be running smoothly for most gamers.

The issue was regarding the massive hit their servers were taking - they just didn't expect that the amount of players that bought the game were playing online. There was no patch, simply a server upgrade on their side.

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mighty_douche4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

i had loads of issues when i first got the game, but for the last few days everything has been perfect. kinda shuts up all those people blaming it on PSN when it was just lack of servers from IW.

after playing on a friends 360, ive noticed it suffers from alot more lag than the ps3, of course perhaps that was just the servers but alot of my friends have moaned about it. any 360 owners here suffering from the same?

illizit4929d ago

Good, now I can go play online.... for free!

V2oom4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

When i first got COD 4 it ran beautifully online with no lag.

But on monday and tuesday of this week it was been a real pig. Loads of games with terrible lag and problems finding games.
Last night and today the problems seem to have gone.
To be fair there is now a message on the start screen that says its an Xbox Live issue.
I imagine MS are updating their systems for the fall update in 2 weeks time.

Edit: I'm in Scotland

mighty_douche4929d ago

ah maybe thats it then. where are you located? as my friends here in the uk have been complaining since before the weekend.

adalwolfe4929d ago

I am 360 owner. Picked up COD4 the day it came out. I only experienced some lag in one game i played it was a ground war mission (18 player). Most likely due to the server i was playing on, and the amount of players. And I have played quite alot including more ground war.. don't think I put it down for like 10 hours or so.. until my eyes started to strain.. addicting stuff :( .. thankfully it was released on my days off :)

Haven't had any other issues with it.. very well polished game, at least for the 360 version. I'd say a kudos to infinity ward is in order. Definately on par with bungie's quality level.

bumnut4928d ago

i have not experienced lag, but i have had difficulty getting into games, 360 also gets stuck at downloading game settings, but not very often.

Bleucrunch4928d ago

Yea I have not been able to stop playing it since I got it, basically neglecting my other games. I have shot up in ranks because I am playing the game for like 8 hours every day since launch (well after I beat the game I started to play online) It does take it's time sometimes when trying to find a game but for the most part its cool. I think that IW needs even more servers LOL. See you guys on the battle field.

PSN: Streeks1984

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leon764929d ago

Exactly like i think!!! A very good experience online now FOR FREE!! That's an inportant feature of PSN!! Very good work of Infinity Ward!!! That is total professionalism!!!

ruibing4928d ago

They should have added the feature to run our own local server like Warhawk did.

the worst4929d ago

mind ran smooth since day 1
ps3 baby

paul_war4929d ago

Got mine (PS3) two days ago and havent been able to play one game online yet! Everytime I try it says "Downloading Game Settings" & will continue to do so for all time, tryed just now & its still the same. Hurry up & sort this out.

mesh14928d ago

360 version 0 LAg AT ALL ran smooth

HarryEtTubMan4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

Why are you lieing?? Xbox live is havin all kinds of probalems with COD4... Go read the daily note right now. And how all the "talented" Xbox live team was working on the online problems. Like how ur playing and all the sudden everything spazzes out and the little disc shows up.... CONNECTION INTERUPTED!!! 360 FVCKING SUCKS!!! YOU PAY. IT STILL SUCKS!!! When my live subscription runs out in December I will forever be free from the curse that is the junkbox180 and will have a PS3 by then. I will have Playstation Home soon. And Metal Gear Online. And Haze online. And cod4...for free and with clan support. And the tons of other games. XBOX 180 IS A BOMB. HALO = 640p

Take ZHUK's bubbles !!!! He only hates and fuels his jealousy.!!! SO TAKE HIS BUBBLES!

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