Grand Theft Auto 5 Graphic Lookout - Huge Modding Screenshots Shows Next Gen Optics in GTA 4

PC Games has released some awesome new wallpaper modding shots of Grand Theft Auto 4. Check the new screenshots after the break!

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WhiteLightning2686d ago

am I the only one getting sick of seeing these GTA4 mods on here.

We get it the PC is powerful

ForROME2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Agreed -

Troublesome6262686d ago

no your not the only one. i here you

MaxOpower2686d ago

And the seem to all come from German sites, with crapy galleries!

egidem2686d ago


There's been way too much news about GTAIV graphic mods around here lately. Ones saying "If you thought the previous GTAIV mod was awesome, this one will drop your jaw" etc. and they don't seem to be stopping.

bozebo2686d ago

Yeah, the newer ones don't seem to be any more impressive than the first iCEnhancer one that was up.

They add like, 1 new shader which all their modding buddies are impressed with and then go and post it up everywhere when infact it is just a small aditional detail that most of us don't care about in the bigger picture.

But, looking at the screenies: throw in higher res environment textures, tesselation and some slightly higher poly counts on curves - and they would look like photos.

Pixel_Pusher2686d ago


struck a nerve did it? lol

lelo2play2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Then why the hell did you open the link and comment?
Just ignore the news, don't open the link, don't comment and move on. There are other news in N4G that you may be interested.

As for the mod, it's a pitty GTA5 will not look like this.

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ForROME2686d ago

Mods are for YouTube IMO I want NEWS on this site

Semir2685d ago

Jealous console fangirls. Pff.....