Easy Dead Island XP Exploit

Feeling XP hungry at the beginning of Dead Island? Well we can satisfy that hunger. After playing the game for no more than 30 minutes we've discovered one of the first XP glitches in the game, and probably the first you can come across. It's super easy to do so just follow these steps.

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One-X2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Instead of making the bug go viral can't you just report it to the devs...?

EDIT: Sorry, I completely just assumed what it was rather than reading the article.

I guess it's a nice little way to make xp, but as long as you can't respawn them then it won't be too much of a problem.

snipes1012594d ago

This would be super helpful if I wasn't already a few hours into the game :\

Hazmat132594d ago

im on my 2 run sucks that that the beginning objectives to bump up there XP i mean 300 XP sounds good if your beginning but when your a level 25 higher its kinda useless.

maniacmayhem2594d ago

I did the Deus Ex xp exploit and man did i have a good time. This is a little different but still helpful.

KING_KAI2594d ago


i need people to play this with as im actually finding it boring by my self, im on chapter 2 at the moment and im stuck searching for 3 cans of food. does anyone wanna play?

my gamertag is G0xB1NL4DENxG0

Miiikeyyy2594d ago

Not ganna lie, love playing it alone! Find it much more immersive. I don't like the idea of having other people there to help me. I need this to challenge me!

Bolts2594d ago

Act 1 is more fun alone. Act 2 is where the game starts kicking your ass and peeps go online for coop.

KING_KAI2594d ago

i dunno its not about difficulty, its just that i find the mission boring. get 5 bottles of alcohol, 3 cans of food, go get some gas, go get some medical supplies, how about stuff yous and get it your self. for an island filled with zombies the a.i are pretty witless and dont do or act scared.

GamerPS3602594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

finished the whole game solo with that chinese lady (xio cao whatever her name is). Died only 48 times :)

2593d ago
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