Hard Reset: Needs A Little More Flesh (IGM)

IGM writes: "When a game goes out of its way to try and revitalise a style of game that has seemingly gone out of fashion, I am immediately inclined to nod approvingly while politely applauding. Hard Reset is one of those. While it may appear to be a classic shooter at face value, it does break a few rules of the genre. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a slight degradation on top of the old formula, rather than the refreshing quip of innovation that it so clearly wants to be."

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bozebo2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

I loved the demo but the game seems slightly overpriced, I heard it is quite short. I do want to support the developer, but I feel that a price 25% lower would probably have netted them a lot more profit overall (look at killing floor for example).

I will get it when it's on sale.

On another note, that engine is amazing. My puny laptop can max it out at 40-50fps with no noticable input lag, which baffles me because I get input lag at those kind of frame rates in most games :S

JsonHenry2598d ago

Yeah, it is a really good looking game too. When I was getting crazy high frame rates on the demo I was wondering why other games could not perform so well either.