Dancing with naughty drunk girls and grabbing their breasts in this PS Vita game

PS Vita will undoubtedly be a success especially in Japan, so occasionally the PS Vita will get games where we will roll our eyes for. Dream Club Zero is such a portable game. In this game you go into a karaoke bar and sing along with drunken hostesses or just dance and try to grab their boobs. Further explanation seems unnecessary.

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AngelGirl162598d ago

weird but the graphics look amazing.

zerocrossing2598d ago

From what my brother staying in Japan tells me, this stuff isn't too far from reality :/

beautiful graphics though :)

piroh2597d ago

it was matter of time something like this hit the Vita

Trunkz Jr2597d ago

Maybe get a real girlfriend?

Kurisu2597d ago

No need, they can just buy Photo Girlfriend when that releases :p

radphil2597d ago

But they don't talk back at you....much.

Kingsora2598d ago

Japanese, you have to love them ^^

Magnus2597d ago

So lemme guess for a future story on N4G there will be a Japanese guy marrying his Playstation Vita like the guy who married his Nintendo DS. By the way the Vita graphics look amazing definetly gotta buy one.

jessupj2597d ago

Wonder how long it's gonna take for the people that are afraid of sex to scream bloody murder about this game?

kingPoS2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

And this is exactly why people have lolita complexes. Why couldn't they look 24 instead 14 the in game???

(Some Asian adult's really do look that young, at glance) Probably gets carded at bars every time. lol

dark-hollow2597d ago

It is legal to have sex with 13 years old girls in Japan.

Legion2597d ago

Not actually... although the age of sexual consent in Japan is 13 years of age, prefecture law usually overrides federal law, raising the age up to 18.

I do not know of any prefecture that still has sexual consent at 13. I do believe that Tokyo's Youth Protection Law designates under 17 being illegal. Lot's of places in the states where it is 16.

So though the national law states 13 years is the age of consent, prefecture and municipality laws overide that and are much stricter.

StarWolf2597d ago

a 30 year old asian female looks like a high school girl in america. FACT, its just genetics.

kingPoS2597d ago

It's not just Asians. Imagine if everyone aged like Andy Milonakis (I can't belive he still looks that young) (0_0)

Legion2597d ago

Actually a high school girl in America looks like a 30 year old in any country. Thanks to media that makes them want to look and act older.

On the other hand... media in Japan promotes youthful look. Main thing in Japan though is the size of the women along with facial features that just appear child like.

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The story is too old to be commented.