First look at the new Xbox Live: the 5 Biggest Improvements in this fall’s dashboard update

This fall, the Xbox Live experience will evolve once more. Past dashboard updates have brought us features like Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, ESPN and customizable avatars. So what’s new this time? Yesterday Gamesradar spoke with Terry Farrell, Senior Product Manager of Xbox, about the coming changes and, for your convenience, stuck the most significant ones in this handy list right here.

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nighmare232596d ago

Now this update i like ^^

KING_KAI2596d ago

lol its weird i mean every xbox owner actually looks forward to the annual dashboard/service improvement. its like getting a new game every year.

Number_132596d ago

you cannot blame us, these updates always have extra features, cool ones and they always seem to improve our experience somewhat. Whats there not to be excited about? I remember I was just dying for the update that let you install an entire game on to the hdd. That for me was just the bee's knees!
Even small features like having an eject button on the dash was welcomed. I mean sure you're gonna get up anyway to remove the disc so its not like it saves you a trip, but its a nice 2 seconds-saver.
I love that every major update always has something worthwhile to look forward to. This one could possibly be as big as nxe :) can't wait.

gamingdroid2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

I love that MS invest into the UI. They always give us awesome new features. Getting the party system was an awesome social feature and I expect the beacon to be equally useful.

The dash is so improved from when it was launched, and this is supposed to be on the same scale as NXE. I can't wait for Kinect support too!

MS is making soo much improvement to the apps, like ESPN now has two streams you can watch at once. You don't have to miss a game anymore!

egidem2596d ago

If you compare the Xbox 360 dashboard from when it launched, Microsoft has completely redesigned it and made it easier to nagivate...they don't even look alike at all.

I wish Sony would do similar things. The XMB still looks pretty much the same as it did when it launched, with minimal changes here and there. I would've loved to see more improvements here and there (like minimizing the ingame XMB, different menu styling, one push button to reply a message etc).

I'm not saying that there's something wrong with the XMB. It's a fast and easy to navigate UI. A few redesigns here and there would be welcomed, that's all.

kaveti66162596d ago

Some people say that it's harder to navigate than the previous blade dashboard.

I suppose there are a few too many promotional stuff. Not really ads, but things that I wouldn't care about and can't hide.

gamingdroid2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

I find that hard to believe, the old blade hid a lot of stuff from view. It's just that the newer UI has a lot more features.

I guess a good comparison is, notepad is a lot simpler than MS Word so naturally it is easier to find stuff.

user8586212596d ago

Youtube!! <3 (best show HD videos!!)

fluffydelusions2596d ago

Yeah, I'm looking forward to Youtube also. I watch a lot of youtube videos so doing it from my xbox is a plus.

KING_KAI2596d ago

i just realized its starting to look more and more like my wp7 with all the green square tiles and all. cant wait!!!

fluffydelusions2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Yeah, it's metro UI. Windows 8 will have a similar look as well. The green tiles you refer to are called live tiles I believe and update when new info becomes available.

KING_KAI2596d ago

metro UI... i take it thats the name of the interface of W8, am i right?

egidem2596d ago

That's right.
Microsoft is creating a sort of unified/streamlined ecosystem across all their devices and services that has the same look, thus the Metro UI.

I've used a windows 7 phone and I can say that the Metro UI interface design is a very good one. I prefer it over Apple's iCons (my opinion!).

mcstorm2596d ago

I agree with you i have a wp7 and in my options it is the best ui on any mobile phone and addind it to the xbox and windows 8 is going to halp ms change there image of being a business company to a company for everyone.

I can also see apps that can be used on wp being able to be used on xbox and windows 8. I also hope they start to offer xbox live games you downloaded onto your 360 to be playable on the go with your wp7.

I know ms phone business is small at the moment but with wp xbox dash and windpws 8 all interacting with each other and using some of he same tech like voice control i can see it all working out very well for ms and i think the next 10 years will be the biggest 10 years ms have had.

Looking forward to getting the new dash as it will give alot more people reason to use kinect rather than pickup the joypad just to move around the dash.

ForROME2596d ago

MS is a smart cookie instead of buying new hardware they just reinvent it through software as many times as possible until its tapped out - I like the new look and I am ready to embrace it

seinfan2596d ago

It'd be ignorant not to play to their strengths as a software company.

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