Wii U: Graphics importance and change of heart

Product-Reviews writes: At E3 2011 Nintendo was keen to show just how impressive the Wii U's graphics will be - but should Nintendo stick to what they they know and concentrate on gameplay?

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Ddouble2597d ago

Isn't that what they're trying to do anyway.New controller for the gameplay and enough power for first and third party titles.

Actually it seems the focus is still on the gameplay because the wii-u would be behind the PS4 and MS next console so it looks like it's up to the new controller to capture people's attention.

yabhero2597d ago

itll will be slightly behind xbox 720 but ps4 isnt expected to be much stronger than ps3 according to sony so...

Holeran2596d ago

That was never stated by a Sony official.

meganick2596d ago

You're right. According to Sony, they're not going invest as much capital into the production of the PS4 as they did with PS3, but that's not to say PS4 won't be significantly more powerful than PS3. It just won't be as big a leap as PS2 to PS3.

jacen1002597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

your not gonna see the graphical leaps that fanboys think is going to happen, its all down to cost , these wiiU graphics are up there with high end pc's by the looks of it so ps4 nor 720 will wipe the floor with these images we are seeing outa the wiiU.
high end pc graphics do not look lightyears ahead of these nor will they wipe the floor with them, if anyone disagrees show me the proof?

ChickeyCantor2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

"high end pc graphics do not look lightyears ahead of these "
BECAUSE CONSOLES ARE HOLDING IT BACK. O and not to forget that not all PC's have high end specs

Once the Ps4/720 are out, PC's will be far ahead again.
Optimization seems to be the problem.

So what are you complaining about?

jacen1002596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

whos complaining? why are u getting all defensive? not all pc's are high end?? wow your one smart puppy lol, im simply using high end pc visuals as a reference against what we are seeing from the wiiU, and fanboys think the ps4/720 is gonna wipe the floor with the wiiU i dont think so somehow

ChickeyCantor2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

You stated that high end pc's do not look lightyears ahead. Which is BS. Developers just havn't gone that far with it because they are using CONSOLES and Mid-range PC's as their target.

jacen1002596d ago

that is my point i was stating, ps2/ps3 leaps in visuals are not gonna happen this gen the wiiU should be there or bouts on par with what is coming from this generation of console, there are no pc visuals that are far ahead of what wee see in that wiiu demo even tho pc hardware dwarfs the wiiU, so there is no way ps4/720 will outshine it either

NESpower2597d ago

I'm totally excited for Wii U and can't wait to see what developers do with the controller. Nintendo always has had an emphasis on gameplay and art style. Graphical power is great but classic gameplay is what really matters.

That being said, technology is at an HD level and it was time for an HD display. Nintendo just needs to satisfy this balance of gameplay and HD. I just want my Zelda games to stay long in length and full of gameplay. Yes, development cost will be much higher for Zelda now, but the results can be amazing.

Titanz2596d ago

So Nintendo could always develop a title on Wii's budget, then upscale it(like Square Enix is doing with their Dragon Quest X title).

ChickeyCantor2596d ago

Upscale how?
Wii games don't get upscaled at all.
SE said they will actually give the WiiU version a visual boost.

chanmasta2597d ago

This isn't fucking news.

jacksonmichael2596d ago

How much of the stuff on this site is news, really?

meganick2596d ago

Not much. It's mostly flamebait articles and opinion pieces (many of which are designed as flamebait). But every-so-often you'll see genuine news articles and links to good reviews.

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