Has Nintendo lost their confidence? - GigaBoots Podcast Episode X

Dan, Bob, and Dr. Aggro from sit down for their bi-weekly pod­cast to dis­cuss the lat­est in gam­ing news and have a round­table on whether or not Nin­tendo has lost con­fi­dence in the 3DS and what it’s prospects are going for­ward.

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jacksheen00002621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

I m sorry if I miss the point of this article. But it hard listening to a long and boring podcast episode with out falling a sleep.

Anyways, I don't think Nintendo lost their confidence. I think Nintendo lost their focus. The reason i say that is because Nintendo are not aware of there own mistakes until someone gives them a wake up call.

Proof of this....

Nintendo was blinded by the fact that the Wii wasn't capable of handling certain game graphically wise; Until several game developer started complaining that the Wii to weak which resulted to Nintendo making the Wii U.

Another is, it took the Vita's double analog control configuration for Nintendo to wake up and realized that most of their game just wouldn't function as the Vita.

Iam sure there more...just can't think of it right now.

multipayer2621d ago

Actually, I still don't think nintendo gets it... It was Capcom who wanted to release an analog attachment alongside their game, and the Wii U is still too weak to show all the polish developers put into modern games next year. It is that way on 360 and PS3 now, with sacrifices being made for nearly all the new releases.

Nintendo just does what they want, and of course I'm going to eventually want it because they're making nintendo games. Although, not at the rate of todays fast paced video game industry. They are just way behind in their own little nintendo bubble...

StbI9902621d ago

Why the fuuuu didn't capcom released this to the freaking vita is beyond me... really, wanna milk 3DS goats to buy any more peripherals to play the dmn game?, scrw you capcom.

axisofweevils2620d ago

I think it was a deal between Capcom and Nintendo.

"We'll release this game on your console, if you let us make a crappy extra stick."

NESpower2621d ago

No, first of all: the circle pad works great. Read any reviews and it works great. If they add a second one to a future 3DS design, they must have a solution for anyone wanting a second circle pad. Capcom's Monster Hunter is the result of this add on as MH is huge in Japan (and is rumored they designed this). I use the D-pad for games like Mario Kart anyway as I prefer it. But when a developer wants two circle pads, that is the problem and Nintendo is handling it. Should they wait to year 3 or go ahead and address it now? :)

UltimateIdiot9112621d ago

This shouldn't have been an issue in the first place. All this means is that they did not think too far during R&D and/or wasn't paying too much attention to developers.

Had they done so, the 3DS would have the 2nd analog stick and developers wouldn't feel the need for one.

Why do you think Vita has a second analog? Because gamers/developers were demanding it. While it's true you can't anticipate everything, it doesn't hurt to look at competitor's mistakes either and make sure it's a non-issue on your end.

maniacmayhem2621d ago

Everyone worries that nintendo is done for. Everyone thought the Wii was done for because it had no dvd play back, no HD and a craaazy controller. But it came on the scene kicked the sh*t out of the 360/ps3.

Point is i'm not counting anything out because no one can predict the future.

UltimateIdiot9112621d ago

We may not be able to predict the future but we can build up a reasonable understanding of what probably will happen.

Nintendo got luck with the Wii, they tapped into the casual market but it doesn't mean they will keep getting lucky.

The N64 and GameCube wasn't exactly pumping money like how the PS2 did for Sony or what the Wii did for Nintendo. I remember reading gloom and doom articles in Game Magazines or those early forums for Nintendo.

I wouldn't say Nintendo is done for as it will take more than this to put them out of business but I can't say I'm optimistic about Nintendo's future if they keep on trying to get lucky and rely on gimmicks.

Will I get the 3DS? Most likely when they make their second revision or maybe even third. It all depends on the price (hoping for $150) AND when the games I want are 1-2 month away from release or are are released.

I mean, what are they thinking when they added motion control into the 3DS? The 3D viewing has a very limited view. So the moment you tilt it slightly off to use motion control, BOOM, you'll just see a mess image. Turn the 3D off to use motion control, what's the point of the 3D in the first place? Clearly they did not think that through.

Also, it's not as practical to use the touch screen for camera and control while keeping the 3D. When you're holding the 3DS with one hand and using the other to poke at the screen, it moves the handheld.

As for the WiiU, it's not out yet. So I can't say for sure but so far, I'm not convince as there are many questionable factors plaguing it.

You seem to be forgetting that these company don't earn most of their money from selling the consoles. They earn their money by games sold. It's not like Nintendo has many titles dominating in sales often. Sure they have a few namely first party but aside from that, most of their sales are practically invisible.

MaxXAttaxX2620d ago

Yet PS3 and 360 are getting more and better support.
Sales aside, they have come on top when it comes to gaming.

Game4life2621d ago

This podcast is so funny.

AWBrawler2620d ago

my podcasts are funnier than that crap

Danji2620d ago

*equally mature reply* NUH-UH! Seriously though, not the most mature reaction to have to a compliment from some random user.

Game4life2620d ago

@Danji this random user is a new user too. It has yet to be seen that i think his podcast is funnier because I don"t know what it is. Hopefully It"s not the podcast that I thought was just playstation fanboys ripping on everything.

This podcast though it brings up some solid points in it. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

AWBrawler2620d ago

more like a hey if you laughed at that mine will have you rolling type of comment, but ok, i know how people can take things wrong

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