Final Casting Call: The Tester Season 3 Offering a Production Position

Would you like a chance to work with the world-famous Sony Santa Monica Studios team?Then sign up now to audition to become a member of the cast of The Tester: Season 3! This is the last week to enter and the last week to vote for your Round 1 favorites before we narrow the search to the Top 100.

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capjacksparrow2593d ago

Sweet! They put a clip of me in their video :)

Oldman1002592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

I don't know why you have disagrees. It definitely looks like you at 19 seconds. Good for you man hopefully you make the cut!

p.s. If the guy at 50 seconds doesn't make it on the show i'm going to cry.

capjacksparrow2592d ago

Haha yup! That's me :) Good luck to you as well!