Resident Evil 4 HD – 17 minutes of footage

Check out over 17 minutes of Resident Evil 4 HD footage.

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walken72594d ago

Looking forward to this, any idea of pricing for PS3?

christheredhead2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

i think plus members get a discount upon release.

Shojin12594d ago

The game that "EVERYBODY" copied. HD remake = pick up for sure.

Ramas2594d ago

can you say some more stupid things?

RedDeadLB2594d ago

How many times can they release ONE SINGLE GAME!? It doesn't even look good enough for a re-release.

Axecution2594d ago

Yeaaah im kinda with you. PS2, Wii, iPhone, PS3...

It's a great game but i think everybody in the world already has it in one way or another haha.

RedDeadLB2594d ago

Even my girlfriend finished this game so I only wonder who hasn't played this game. Pointless release is pointless.

PSX992594d ago

got it already on ps2.

Son_Lee2594d ago

Since this is my 3rd favorite PS2 game of all time, I have no issue buying this again. I was playing it on PS2 earlier this year, but it looks like hell on my HDTV. At least it won't be blurry when I get it for PS3. $9.99 for PS+ members is a steal.

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