Square Enix Renews Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trademark

Not exactly a flashy new trailer, screenshots or a release date but any news regarding one of the longest games in development at this point is worth noting.

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Rushing_Punch2689d ago

Well, of course it is still coming

solideagle12689d ago

i may get alot of disagress but i think square enix is going to drop balls and is developing it for multiplatform release. it should not take this much time.


TheMyst2689d ago

Well, they can go ahead and do it, it's not like they could loose any more fans. Haha, I'm sure if they do, they'll be hell raised over in Japan and once Japan stops supporting SE, they're on their way out.

Eamon2689d ago

Thing is, there's the infamous tweet by Nomura saying that if Versus does go multiplatform he had no decision in it.

Almost as if Nomura came out of a meeting with S-E bosses that was probably discussing multiplatform possibilities.

We've heard from Nomura that FFvs13 has had PS3 as lead console and that it's been designed with the PS3 architecture in mind. So I wonder how it would be possible to port it to 360.

Unless, all these years in development were specifically so that it can be ported?

princejb1342689d ago

definitely buying this game
kingdom hearts gameplay style= win for gamers

RedDead2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

KH is repetitive though, every 10 meters there's a repeat of the enemy you just fought. So I hope it isn't like it in that aspect, the battle system itself is quite decent especially in BBS. And the Boss battles are top notch really. Versus is just the next phase of a KH battle system with some guns added in.(Nomura actually stated this will help with Kh3)

Also to note, expect this to go multiplat or at least don't be surprised if it does, this is S-E 2011. They'd easily sacrifice some quality for profit.

princejb1342689d ago

so you saying not every game is repetitive, rpgs are repetitive, fighting games are repetitive shooting games are repetitive even racing; it doesn't mean we don't have fun with them

rickhunter892689d ago

if it ever comes out.....

Solans Scott2689d ago

At this point any news is good news.

Ddouble2689d ago

At least we won't have to see people saying vaporware. Did people honestly think SE will cancel Versus.

Inception2689d ago

Well honestly, i'm one of the people that think SE will cancel versus. 6 years in the making and we only had very f*king little info about this game. And the worst thing is SE already registered FF XIII-3 name even before versus out!

Man, if 2012 is not the year for versus than i don't think people will care anymore with versus or even SE.

Eamon2689d ago

It's not vaporware if they showed us gameplay and quite a few cutscenes.

It will come out. It's just that they are taking their dear time.

My best guess is a mid-2012 release for Japan and a December 2012 release for West.

Peaceful_Jelly2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Vaporware != Cancel

Vaporware- describes a product, typically computer hardware or software, that is announced to the general public but is never actually released nor officially canceled.

I think FFvsXIII defines vaporware.

*BTW, it's meant as a joke based on the time it has taken come out.

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The story is too old to be commented.