Despite a Lockout and Disappointing Reviews, Madden Looks to One of Its Best Years Ever

Kotaku: When the NFL lockout hovered over the release of EA Sports' Madden series earlier in the year, investors were told to expect lower sales of Madden NFL 12. Analysts pegged the potential losses at up to half of all sales. The label's exclusive pact with the league was renegotiated to terms that would help mitigate any harm.

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detroitmademe2648d ago

this years is the best (gameplay wise)ever.

AzaziL2647d ago

Sucks that the commentary is some of the worst I've ever seen in a sports game. How can basketball and hockey games have more responsive commentators then a game where the only time they have to really talk is after the play is over.

TheShow172647d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Gus Johnson's at his best when he's smooth. He still has a perfect voice for the game, but it's far to choppy for me.

beast242tru2648d ago

i played the demo onli for a little while and it seem a notch over madden 11 and i gat the one its pretty good. i must commend e.a ever since madden 10 its been improved every year just hope they keep it up since its our only choice of footbal game

Bolts2647d ago

I can't believe this. Phillip Rivers actually throw like Phillip Rivers now. Balls will float and womble but still find their targets just like how Rivers throw them in real life.

DrFUD2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

The brief mention of EA renegotiating the exclusivity deal isn't focused on enough.
I would like to see a bunch of articles grilling EA and the NFL on this subject.
EA didn't lose anything with the lockout threat and shouldn't be awarded the extra year.
Honestly, since they used the lockout as an excuse to extend the deal (which was nothing but a cheap shot to gamers everywhere...again) since this years sold better than previous years they should have to forfit all the remaining years.

divideby02647d ago

I have purchased Madden every year since 56K days playing online...
incremental improvements and flaws still makes this the game which is played more often and on off line.
this years game even with the above we are having a blast with

madden, COD all milked franchise.. buy play enjoy or just stop whinning

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