DICE: Piracy "a problem", but DRM not the solution

DICE’s Karl-Magnus Troedsson thinks that piracy is still a major problem for PC gaming, but that “draconian DRM” isn’t the way to solve it. It’s not too much of a problem for the Battlefield franchise, though, he says.

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BaN590DeR2598d ago

what is that meen in english ??

darren_poolies2598d ago

What does that mean in English? *

I think that is what it was meant to say.

egidem2598d ago

"Piracy "a problem", but DRM not the solution"

Tell that to Ubisoft and their crazy love for DRM.

Pikajew2598d ago

I pirate game to test them before I play them. I don't want to get a game and hate it I want to get a game I know I will like. Every game should have demo or something.

iamnsuperman2598d ago

Well nowadays the demo has shifted to the beta with a large majority of them using betas to publicise the game and not to improve it. I miss demos. They are rarely seen. It is a shame because it showed games which I should avoid.

FragMnTagM2598d ago

Don't know what platform you are on, but a lot of games have a demo on XBOX live. Every single arcade game has a demo and so do the indie games. It is the regular games that sometimes don't.

That is one thing I am thankful for on the XBOX.

I tend to pirate some games to, but for the same reason as Pikajew above. There are not too many demos for PC titles anymore, and the only way to try a game out is to buy it.

There are so many games I have bought that I would never have had it not been for the torrent of that game. As soon as I make up my mind about a game, I delete it, and either buy it or just forget about it.

Why is it so hard to let people try your game out? If it is good, you will have no problem selling it.

chadachada1232597d ago

Frag, most retail Xbox games don't have a demo at all, especially Triple-A games. It's a shame because the games I'm on the fence about never have a demo.

Some games like Halo and Black Ops do have demos...that were released months after the game was released, by which point many people have already decided if they were going to buy the game full price or not. Quite disappointing, honestly.

chanmasta2597d ago

Get Steam, there are fuckloads of demos for the latest games, man.

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zeksta2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Pirating, it's something that people have done since the olden times, even if defences we're to be added, people being the pirates they are would find a way around, as usual.

EdwardS0872598d ago

Same. I pirate games that are new, no reputation. I buy them if a) I know its a franchise I love i .e. Elder Scrolls or B)I liked what I played. Black Ops for example: if you don't play the MP--the game isn't worth the 60$--I pirated it.

If you hold true to the adage "buy the games you love", and I do, your merely testing games out at no extra cost. Problem is the ones who purely pirate. Its sad to see great games like Elder Scrolls, Witcher 2 and Half-life up for piracy...

gamingdroid2598d ago

Maybe this is why only sequels sell....

fireplace2598d ago

If a publisher doesn't have a lot of money for an advertisement then their first game is the advertisement.

If it's good then over time many will know about the game from forums or friends.

Then the sequel gets released with a familiar title and it must sell.

gamingdroid2598d ago

Most new IPs, yes the first game is advertisement. Online Passes also hampers "advertisement".

Games like CoD didn't became one of the biggest games by hampering access.

RedDead2598d ago

Eh, some games you pirate deserve to be bought more than the popular games you mention. If you like a game you pirate then buy it. That is if you want the dev to make another game you like/.

Farsendor12598d ago

pirating on that scale is wrong.

gamingdroid2598d ago

Pirating at any scale is supposed to be wrong.

rattletop2598d ago

who will pirate it just for a few hours of single-player campaign? BF is all about MP. but hey, u never know, the world is filled with assholes. xD

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