Guaranteed: Get rid of your fear of PC Gaming

Are you scared of becoming a PC gamer? Like the majority of gamers, Awesome Games Editor Adam, grew up happily suckling on the comforting teat of gaming consoles. He recently took one of the biggest decisions of his life (from a gaming perspective) to enter into the PC gaming domain. Read about his hands on, honest experience and whether PC Gaming is worth it.

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Supman2686d ago

how do you know its guaranteed?
whats guaranteed?

ATi_Elite2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

typical Mac user sounds like a Fanboy!

"I’ve been a sworn Mac user the last 4 years and had barely touched the self-proclaimed ‘virus riddled, slow and unstable Windows operating system"

well Mr. ilatte Macs gets viruses too. The only reason Macs have fewer viruses is because fewer people buy Macs compared to Windows. Now that Jobs is GONE 2015 Macs ship with Windows 9!

You will join us or DIE!

anyway the technology fear is big concern for many rather they wanna admit it or not. Building a PC an seem challenging at first but it's actually pretty easy!

We have been conditioned to build PC's since Kindergarten. the matching color pegs and the different shape blocks into the matching hole is NO different from building a PC.

TheMyst2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

WTF is wrong with you man, calm down. How the heck do people like you have more than 3 bubbles yet other intelligent, unbiased people have one? What's up with that. I'm not trying to troll but has anyone noticed that a lot of 360 fanboys seem to have a lot of bubbles?

ATi_Elite2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Can you be any dumber?

ATi-Elite references ATi Graphics cards for PC's

My Avatar is Red Orchestra 2 a PC Exclusive

My post and the article is all about PC Gaming but you bring up 360 fanboy....WHY?

You say " I'm not trying to troll 9which of course leads to TROLLING) but has anyone noticed that a lot of 360 fanboys seem to have a lot of bubbles?"

what does this have to do with PC Gaming? your TROLLING and people with no bubbles do the same EXACT thing you just did!

so save that WTF for yourself!

caboose322685d ago

Pretty good article.

Not really a "top 10" article but instead just kind of debunks some myths that keep certain people away from pc gaming.

Read up on it if you are interested at all in pc gaming.

Bigpappy2685d ago

I don't see the purpose of an article such as this. I don't know of any one how is afraid of PC gaming. They just prefer gaming on consoles. We have people who prefer gaming on PC and those who prefer gaming on consoles, then we have those who do both.

I am not reading the article because I don't see a benefit for me based on the title.

MidnytRain2685d ago

Basing Content on Titles

Welcome to N4G

caboose322685d ago

Well the article touches up on stuff that deters people from pc gaming, like cost, and stuff that can go wrong with pc gaming.

But it mostly debunks those problems so someone can maybe feel better about getting into pc gaming.

rfowler302685d ago

great article, i thouroughly enjoyed it. in-depth analysis was great and an enjoyable experience to read. highly recommend.

iamnsuperman2685d ago

I can't stand a keyboard and mouse. I like my controls confined in the grip of my hands. Being a console gamer since the PS1 using a controller is now instinct. There are many disadvantages and advantages to PC and console gaming. For me personally console gaming seems the better option.

Farsendor12685d ago

a whole lot of games now support 360 controller.

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