The Nintendo 3DS Must Relaunch

While Nintendo has established a long history of releasing new versions, designs and models of its hardware, it's now entering dangerous territory with the Nintendo 3DS. Inside a year of its release, the system is seeing a peripheral that can and will fundamentally change the way companies approach game development.

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MakiManPR2596d ago

It does need a revision. Agree with IGN 100%

egidem2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Ever considered what a big F U that would be to all the people who bought 3DSs so far?

Some people were insulted by the price drop. Now suddenly saying: "Buy our new re-improved product. No, we don't care about the one you just bought." would be rubbing salt in the wound.

Ninty has done redesigns of their products in the past, but this soon in the product's lifetime wouldn't be such a wise idea.

Wenis2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Nintendo doesn't really have much choice at this point. Though they've only themselves to blame for being dumb and only having 1 analog from the get go. I don't know why they decided on that.

--Onilink--2596d ago

Yeah, it would definetely be though on early adopters(like myself) but i think the benefits of having a 2nd analog stick on all units so early on the console's life would be much better. Especially when it comes to 3rd party developer support.

A good move would i think, would be to give a discount to every owner of the current 3DS model for the purchase of the 2nd Slide "Boat"(looks awful btw) and release the new version as soon as possible, that way they leave out less people

Tanir2596d ago

um Egidem

the fact that you people paid 250 for it, didnt get all the services, and still have no games and lack the inevitable 2nd analog revision is already a big F U from nintendo.

u fell for it, ur tears fell for it, now get over it, if nintendo doesnt fix this now its gonna fail hard

egidem2596d ago


Ah on the contrary, I never bought one :). I'm holding out for the Vita as it is my device of choice.

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AWBrawler2596d ago

relaunch? really? so everything else needs one too right?

Pikajew2596d ago

The DS lite cane out 2 years after the original DS :/

And Sony and MS make more models for there stuff than Nintendo :/

Rainstorm812596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

really there are more ds models than ps3 or 360 or ps2 or xbox... not to mention the NES was redesigned and the SNES was redesigned and there were two gameboy advances as well...

Nintendo has made many hardware redesigns over the years..

Trunkz Jr2596d ago

Yes but not this soon. Not many games will take advantage of this 2nd analog right now.

Rainstorm812596d ago

i agree trunks it would be dumb for nintendo to release a new model this soon but looking at their history its very possible..

UltimateIdiot9112596d ago

Say what? Nintendo is known for revision. Maybe not so much for their console but definitely their handhelds.

The original Gameboy>Gameboy Pocket
Gameboy Advance>Gameboy Advance SP>Gameboy Advance Micro

PSP1000>PS2000/3000(it' ;s the same thing, just hardware revision for security)>PSP-Go

As for me, I will wait on the revise 3DS. There doesn't seem to be any advantage in getting one now. If it takes 2 years for the revise 3DS, then so be it.

Rainstorm812596d ago

even the NES SNES and Wii had revisions the only hardware that stayed the same was the N64 and the Gamecube...

Tanir2596d ago

the sooner a redesign comes out the sooner 3ds will get sales, and the sooner more people wont be gimped into getting the fail version when the finished product is eventually gonna come out

why stay beta testers?

when a new psp comes out it replaces the older models and adds improvements, yet the ds light, dsi and dsi xl all co-exist together and are still being made. nintendo needs to make one definitive version, and stop making so many remodels.

Hozi2596d ago

What the article is saying is that without a second cicle pad/anolog stick. 3DS will fail miserably. Once PSVita comes out and people experience how much the 2nd analog stick improves handheld gaming. No one will want to really buy a 3ds when they can get PSVita.

kramun2596d ago

Yeah, I heard the same sort of argument when the psp was released. It was more powerful, and had more mature games, it could do this and that and the other.

Which one sold more out of the psp and the ds, even though one was more powerful than the other?

Rainstorm812596d ago

no you didnt hear the dual analog arguement at all and 99% of modern games use it.... so its almost a necessity.... especially for many of the top games this and last generation.

Trunkz Jr2596d ago


You didn't hear either what he's saying cause you don't remember what was going on at that time. The whole PSP coming with analog, better hardware, it was suppose to blow away the DS yet it never did. Vita may be more powerful and have 2 analogs but it's all about the games. The big N isn't doing too well with games but come christmas and onward the 3DS will skyrocket and come about 2013 you'll see a 3DS lite.

Rainstorm812596d ago

i never bought a psp because of the claim that its supposed to be a portable console yet it didnt have dual analogs, meanwhile the DS kinda started the touch screen casual era , which i tip my hat to ninty for....

But this go around the DS kinda stayed the same minus 3D and Sony is finally making due on their promise of a portable console, so i think things will be much more comparable this go around.

Its kind of like PS2 & Xbox to PS3 & Xbox360

jony_dols2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

After the NES & SNES, people said that the big N were unbeatable in the home console market....

Then Sony came from out of the blue with the Playstation brand and outsold the N64 3/1 and the PS2 went on to beat the Gamecube 8/1 in sales.

Just because the PSP didn't outsell the DS, doesn't mean that the Vita will follow in it's footsteps. e.g just look at Microsoft's first attempt with the original Xbox and then look at the 360. Companies learn from their past mistakes.

UltimateIdiot9112596d ago

There were many factors that lead to the PSP not doing as well as everyone thought it would.

Tire of constantly restating many of those factors but if those issues are addressed with the Vita, I can see the Vita doing really well.

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capcock2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

That add-on is so sexy. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

flyingmunky2596d ago

About as sexy as looking at a hot woman's butt.....when shes got a diaper on.

capcock2596d ago


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