PES 2012 - More than 40 minutes of gameplay

There are six new videos from review code of Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2012. The videos shows some gameplay from Bayern München vs. Real Madrid and AC Milan vs. FC Barcelona. All six videos after the jump.

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waljaber2684d ago

seabass losing ground here, fifa become better football now, thanks to seabass shitablity her.e we love PES 6,7,9 if u can just improve 2009 to become the best soccer game ever.

RBlaze2684d ago

I haven't played a Pro Evo or FIFA game in a long time... But as far as I am aware, FIFA took the crown from Pro Evo after Pro 5... So why do konami still seem to be sitting on their hands?!

Last I read, FIFA is bringing more to the table this year... Yet Pro still seems like the same game (mechanically) it was in 2006!?

But back to my original statement. I am, by no means, dependent on good graphics - I still waste too much time on civ 2! But come on.. Cardboard crowd?! It's 2011, yet Pro STILL uses this? It can't be too much effort to animate a crowd?!

kikizoo2684d ago

" Yet Pro still seems like the same game (mechanically) it was in 2006!? "

you simply are misinformed, pes, like fifa, is bringing more to the table each years, and pes is more beautyfull despite the uggly crowd (when you are playing, you don't care about that), and the gameplay human vs human, it still the best.