Top 10: Most Improved Sequels

LAG - "Most sequels tend to play it safe, changing a few problems with the game to simply improve it slightly. Needless to say, these aren’t those games.

Here we’re honouring the top 10 games that blew their predecessors away. The criteria? It has to be an enormous improvement over the game before it. With that being said,here are the honourable mentions that just missed out on the top 10:"

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LawlessSXE2595d ago

Just one problem with the list: Assassin's Creed is an Ubisoft property, not Activision.

DarkCharizard_2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Also, I don't think HL2 is the most improved sequel ever, because HL1 was a great game already. Read Dead Redemption is easily the most improved sequel ever.

Uncharted 2, Civilization II should have been on the list somewhere too.

iamnsuperman2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

I never thought about RDR but you are right.

Good list though I thought the LBP 2 was a vast improvement of LBP. First one you could make a limited number a different types of levels, second one you could pretty much make any game. AC2 definably should be there. That really kicked of the franchise

Ace_Man_62595d ago

Lets just say he should of done a Top 20, then everyone would be happy :)

MaxOpower2595d ago

I think Grand Theft Auto III should have made the list, if not topped it.

TheMyst2595d ago

Completely agree. Not only did it revamp the GTA series, it basically launched the entire Open World Action Genre.

Venox20082595d ago

Metal gear 3: snake eater
Mario 64 (or maybe Mario Galaxy)

vishant1012595d ago

I know i will get disagrees but this is personal opinion ok

Mojora's mask it was an amazing sequel deserves more recognition

Mario0072595d ago

Mass Effect it wasn't improved at alll, more like dumbed down

Uncharted 2 should be on that list by the way.

Nate-Dog2595d ago

I was one of those that felt (and still feels, since it is my favourite game now) Mass Effect was a much better game than Mass Effect 2, although I can see why people prefer ME2 to it considering the improvement of the combat system in particular among other additions (mind you I still prefer the combat system in ME despite its flaws because it actually makes you use your powers often with enemies that run directly at you and the overheating gun system, rather than just being able to depend on a submachine gun the whole game if you want to).

M_Prime2595d ago

i am with you.. i felt Mass Effect had a better story and better gunplay mechanics then ME2. I also felt like a bigger badass at the end of ME1 then ME2. ME2 had more story yes, and looked better but Mass Effect 1 had more to do, more options and more discovery.

personally I hated MINING in ME2, but i had almost 500,000 Element Zero (i mined every planet i could) and the story of ME2 didn't feel like it impacted much compared to ME1, i mean in ME1 you could loose your Krogan unless you did his quest or had a high Social skill. in ME2 you only really lost crew in the last level. And there were a lot of game changing decisions in ME1 then ME2. though i wonder whether releasing the Arachnid queen was a good idea (BTW that level was awsome in ME1) i really do miss my Rover

Nate-Dog2595d ago

Yeah I totally agree, ME's story was magnificent. ME2's wasn't as good but in fairness ME introduced you to the world of Mass Effect while ME2 just sort of continued on the story preparing you for the big moment which is ME3, each game will play it's vital part.

Hah I know what you mean about mining in ME2, I recently went to finish off some of the DLC missions on ME2 on my older saves (since Bioware said the other day that the DLC missions will have an effect in ME3 if you played them) and on my first playthrough I completed absolutely everything and did absolutely everything, including mining every single planet. Eezo was so pointless too, you only need at most 5K-15Km and even then probably 10K of that would go on things you don't really need to do, such as changing the points you allocated to skills in ME2 (another thing I disliked in ME2 because levelling up those skills was just nonsense and pointless, might aswell have been an automatic level up where you just gain powers each time at a particular level).

I'm on my 4th ME playthrough now and I'm still finding new conversations and events at the Citadel right at the beginning of the game, this game is just too awesome. ^_^

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