First Look - Resistance 3 (

"We have a treat for you in this latest edition of God is a Geek’s First Look today, and that treat is a 15 minute video clip of the hotly anticipated title known as Resistance 3, which has been created by the famous Insomniac Games. Be warned that if you haven’t finished the previous title that the clip will show off minor spoilers as well as the rest of this First Look."

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2689d ago
JebusF2689d ago

I really don't think it was a let down actually!

I'll agree that I found the visuals (when inside) a little odd, murky even, but outside in the open it looks wonderful.

Aside from that though, the star of Resistance 3 (for me) is the weapons. Even the two weapons you start with are so much fun...the secondary fires are fantastic.

Really sad you'd cast Insomniac aside though, they made Ratchet & Clank and the Resistance games (even #2) weren't "bad games" imho.