Mark Rubin: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer maps designed to discourage Camping

Mark Rubin, producer of Modern Warfare 3 told during a round table that the main focus of Multiplayer in MW3 was to discourage Camping which has lead to more verrticality of the Multiplayer Maps.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2686d ago

If they really wanted to discourage Camping it can be done by removing kill streaks, i know killstreaks are a big part of this game but we will have to find an alternative, sort of like they did with the Killstreaks that you get for doing objectives with the support package.

Nitrowolf22686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

I don't think Killstreak will do much at all. I mean there are loads of other games before COD and now with no killstreaks and still suffer from campers. TBH I think a 3-5 second spawn shield would really limit spawn camping considering you won't die as soon as you pop up and at least have a chance to counter attack. Obviously could be an issue on extremely small maps (shipment small, but I think it can be done and help with the camping situation a whole lot.

kcuthbertson2685d ago

While I agree that would help with spawn camping..camping and spawn camping are two different things and both can be a problem.

That only limits one of the root problems.

BeOneWithTheGun2685d ago

It must just be me but when I start a match the last thing my instincts tell me to do is start sprinting around and blind firing. I usually have a buddy and we try to find a choke point and then proceed to try and win the round. I just don't understand why people feel that finding a good spot, working as a team with your mates is a bad thing. Constantly running is the epitome of ADD.

TheMyst2685d ago

They should make it so that anyone who stays in the same area for more than a certain amount of time, say 15 seconds either dies or starts loosing XP. Now that will get rid of campers.

LakerGamerEnthusiast2685d ago

umm myst,search and destroy?? in order to defend the bomb most cod players camp it out bcuz obviously moving around and being the last guy aint as smart unless your gud at it.. just saying tho..

geniusgamerdoc2686d ago

Kill Confirmed will definitely reduce Campers but only for that game mode.
What about TDM?

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2685d ago

yeah that gamemode looks fun. Reminds me of Crysis 2 how you have to pick up peoples Tags to get killstreaks in Crysis.

Hufandpuf2686d ago

Make every area accessible from more than 2 ways. This way, no one will be hiding in the corner of a hallway.

Shackdaddy8362685d ago

They can still hide in the corner.

The Meerkat2686d ago

Its simple.

In COD the person who gets seen first dies. That's what causes camping.
Easy kills is the reason why COD is so popular.

Adding 50% more health would eliminate camping. Because then you could take a hit, escape then go back and face your enemy. Like Halo.

But then the abusive 10 year olds couldn't get kills and they would stop playing, which would hurt sales.

Camping = COD
Its here to stay.

MidnytRain2685d ago

Well, you know, Halo is Halo and CoD is CoD. Trying to make one game more like another is almost always a bad idea.

cyborg69712685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Noob. I cant wait to buy this game used.

BlitzAK2685d ago

Your actually pretty right about that. Just a a bit more health, making it a little more Headshot related and more recoil/less bullet damage would reduce camping a little.

50% more hp wouldnt entirely reduce camping.

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The story is too old to be commented.