Charles Martinet interview: "It's An Honor To Be Mario's Voice"

Mamma mia ! Get to know Charles Martinet, the person behind the world famous voice of Mario. Did you also know he plays Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi?

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Kee4159d ago

He is extremely talented as a voice actor. And it's great that he enjoys his work. With other voice actors, you can't really tell, but he genuinely looks like he enjoys his job.

princejb1344159d ago

he definitely loves his job
i bet he gets millions for just doing voice acting for mario

Kee4159d ago

Yeah, nintendo are gonna be screwed when he retires.

princejb1344159d ago

@ kee

not necessarily
mario doesn't really talk much
he uses the same phrases over and over again so they just have to record those 50 or so words mario does and just drop it in the game at the right moment

Excited2play4159d ago

Yeah you can really tell he loves his job. I never knew he did all those other Nintendo voices.

Cool video!!

Pozzle4159d ago

"When Mr Miyamoto would walk past the camera, I would say [in Mario's voice] 'Papa! Hello!'"

Haha! I don't know why, but I find that very cute.

laaakokaracha4159d ago

Nice guy!

Some voice actors could learn a lot from him...starting with having passion for what you do!

Titanz4159d ago

Should keep you very humble(which he is).