Can Dark Souls Succeed On Xbox 360?

VelocityGamer writes: The spiritual successor to the masochistic Demon's Souls is coming to an Xbox near you, but is that market ready for the challenge?

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BiggCMan2649d ago

Here's some words for thought. I don't give a shit because the game will kick so much ass whether it sells 5 million copies, or 10 copies. DARK SOULS GOTY 2011!!!

Arnon2649d ago

How about instead of arguing which version will be better, we just tell everyone (since pretty much everyone can buy it now) to buy it and support such a fantastic franchise, so we can have more?

CaptainMarvelQ82649d ago

We get it that you people don't care about whether the game sold 10 million copies or -1 copy(if that's possible).But the thing is if you would realize that the company that has made your beloved game NEEDS to sell in order to keep making those great games,continuing support and expanding the series;then you would care about them selling or not.Sure we're gamers and not business associates,but knowing that the support is there for the company which you love would make you more comfortable about their future and brings some kind of satisfaction knowing that that particular company is doing well.

The same goes for publishers.Eventhough people on this site take it a step too far with sale arguments,i myself DO care about whether Sony,Microsoft or Nintendo are doing good so that i'd know if they would keep delivering what they've been delivering all along.

Tres212649d ago

Come on now @ captain. I'm sure biggc meant he was gonna be 1 of the 10 that got it specially if he pushing 4 gameof the but I do hear u in us wanting 2 see our devs get the sales they deserve but I think he's in hype mode an just real happy bout his game comin would recommend it so it gets the 5mil shoot he sold me on even tho I wanted it be4 now I really do cuz of

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GSpartan7772649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

It's a pretty niche title and they do not tend to sell well on the Xbox 360. It's not to discriminate against anyone it's just how it usually is. PS3 owners seem to be more open to that, especially when it comes to JRPGs while Western/action games tend to do better on 360. I think given Demon Soul's success and the hype that Dark Souls has been getting, it should do fairly well on the 360 though I think it will sell better on the PS3 mainly because it already has a fanbase established on it. But we'll have to see.

StanLee2649d ago

It's not like the first game was a sales juggernaut on the PS3. It barely crept passed 1 million in sales. On either console, it's a niche title but it will find a fanbase on the XBox 360.

KMCROC2649d ago

1.25 million wow, that is one sad fan base in two years time. no wonder it went multiplatform,
it should do well on 360.

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Evetssteve2649d ago

Actually I'm a 360 fan and a PS3 fan as well. I'm not like that at all, in fact demons souls and now dark souls and gears3 are my most anticipated of the year

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EVILDEAD3602648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

'I'm sure some 360 fans will buy it, but let's face it. 360 fans just don't embrace these types of games. It'll for sure do better on the PS3. If you have a shooter, even a mediocre one, you know it'll sell well on the 360'

Don't let the known trolls like Dark ride fool you. This silly console war has still got the usual suspects trying to pretend that PS3 gamers are on another planet from 360 gamers.

But we ALL know PEOPLE lie, the numbers don't. Which is why Call of duty is the # 1, # 2 and #5 selling PS3 games in history. Again 3 of the top 5 games on the PS3 are shooters. Almost 11 million PS3 gamers bought Black ops on the PS3 alone. So what was that about shooters Darkride?

I say it all the time..I've been a From Software fan since King's Field and I bought Demon's Souls day one. In fact, if it wasn't for my preorder I would have never got the game when it was released. It essentially sold out from pre-orders because they didn't misread the anticipation for the title.

I've died so much in Demons souls I thought I was playing Too Human. There is absolutely no way I'm not going to earn achievements in Dark Souls for getting my @ss kicked this time around.

As for it's success, well Rage jumped in on that date and will honestly grab ALOT of the spotlight away from Dark Souls. The hardcore will bite, but it won't do mainstream numbers, but here's to hoping that the game doubles what Demons Souls did.

Who cares what console you buy this gem..just BUY it


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BlindGuardian2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

it supposed to be harder than DS and appears to be serious even borderline solemn, so I think it's more oriented to the PS3 demographic

and by that I mean: mostly guys on their 20s that started playing games when there wasn't any handholding like in this generation or the previous one

I think that even if Demon's Souls didn't exist Dark Souls would do better on the PS3, just like Alan Wake would have done better on the PS3

Legion2649d ago

"...but is that market ready for the challenge?" Basically that is a hype line to bait people.

i.e. our game is so good that you can't handle it.

Legion2649d ago

On another note. What is up with people and their writing...?

Stop making comments and then supporting comments with non-contextual examples.

In this statement below they talk how JRPG market sub genre not doing well with Xbox owners and then give an example of a non-JRPG game not doing well. Why?

"Despite a tremendous money-backed strategy by MS to capture the JRPG market the sub genre never did do well with Xbox owners. Remedy's story driven horror shooter Alan Wake performed well below what it deserved."

MariaHelFutura2648d ago

Believe it or not, there are people who have a 360 who dont just like shooters.

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Malice-Flare2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

nor in-game chat maybe a factor...

that and being much more difficult than the normal mainstream game may count as well...

dark-hollow2649d ago

"that and being much more difficult than the normal mainstream game may count as well..."

Implying that most ps3 gamers are not "average mainstream" kind of gamers?

Peaceful_Jelly2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Xbox are flying off the shelves because of Kinect you know... And then add the fact that games like SFIV, Bayonetta, FFXIII and anything that is not a COD clone it always sells better on the PS3.

edit: Oh and how can I forget, Heavy Rain sold more than Alan Wake even though it was an extremely niche game. And the same with LA Noire... But watch Battlefield 3 sell more on the Xbox; Dance Central and FPS are the games of the average mainstream.

Kamikaze1352649d ago

Implying that one game defines the entire audience of one console?

McLuvn2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

cause I'd rather "chat" with friends than game?/s

Kamikaze1352649d ago

It won't. As much as people may call me a troll or hate to admit it, niche games don't sell well at all on the 360. That's why most of them are either on handhelds or on the PS3.

dark-hollow2649d ago

Basically every good western style rpg game on the xbox 360 sold very well.

Alan wake sold poorly due to being released neck to neck with red dead redemption!

Kamikaze1352649d ago

Dark Souls is a niche game. Demon's Souls was developed for a very small niche audience, but sold very well in the end. I'm sure in the end, most of Dark Souls sales will be from the PS3. If I had to guess, I would say over 70% of the sales.

There are more 360 users, but most don't care for a niche game like Dark Souls. Which is a shame.

Evetssteve2649d ago

Dark souls is a AAA game whether you want it to be or not.

chadachada1232649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

I say we just let the sales numbers do the talking, Kamikaze, because I'm willing to bet that, due to the huge number of 360s out there, there will be more sales for the 360 version. A much larger percentage of PS3 owners are going to buy it, sure, but I think you don't give "hardcore" gamers on the 360 nearly enough credit.

I own a copy of Demon's Souls and I don't even have a PS3, and essentially every friend of mine that has seen Demon's Souls has said that they are definitely getting Dark Souls since it will be on the 360.

SOD_Delta2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Can Dark Souls Succeed On Xbox 360?
I hope it succeeds on both PS3 and 360. IMHO (No fanboy) I believe it will sell a lot more on PS3. Mainly because it already has a fanbase on PS3 (Demons Soul's)

Like Rinkuchal said not having in-game chat will probably hurt its sells on 360.

king dong2649d ago

what if i chose to play this on my 360, then i cant even join a party chat????

is this true? why would they deactivate that?

BeOneWithTheGun2648d ago

The dev does not want this to be an easy game. They do not want you to be able to get help from other people. In DS, you could not invite friends, you had to accept whomever came in your game. They might help you, they might kill you, you never know. That is the whole point to this series. Trust no one and constantly second guessing your actions.

tarbis2648d ago

If you played Demon's Souls. The developer don't want any type of chatting going on in Demon's Souls. That ruins the experience and the type of game the developer is trying to portray. If they enabled chatting. That will defeat the purpose of the hints and bloodstains feature and should just remove them.
The developers want everyone to be anonymous(not those idiotic hackers).
You will rely solely on your skills, quick thinking and instincts.

cstyle2649d ago

this game will do well on the 360. Most games do.

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