Final Fantasy XIII-3? Square Enix planning ahead

Final Fantasy XIII-2 won't be out until December in Japan and January in North America, but a new website domain registration suggests that publisher Square Enix may already be thinking about the next sequel in line.

stonecold34462d ago

just finish final fantasy vs 13 for the ps3 please is that to much to ask?

Abash4462d ago

Boy, they must still have a lot of unused content from making FFXIII after making FFXIII-2 to make a FFXIII-3

NatureOfLogic4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

FFXIII-2 is looking good so far. I'm hoping this game is better than FFXIII. Time travel FTW. If they keep listening to the fans, I wouldn't mind having FFXIII-3.

With Final Fantasy XIII-2 they're adding of a lot of things that the traditional FFs have like mini games, NPCs and other things that FFXIII was missing.

Edit: I want Versus13 as much as everybody else, but I'm slowing losing Hope for this game.

I was ready to give up on FF after FFXIII, but with all the stuff they're adding to FFXIII-2, they've got my attention.

Blaine4462d ago


Yeah, and FFX is one of my favorites in the series... I'm guessing you haven't played FFX-2?

I don't recommend it.

For some reason, I find it hard to imagine SE is working harder on XIII-2 than they did on X-2...

Capt-FuzzyPants4462d ago

They aren't even using any of the unused content from 13 in 13-2.

DaTruth4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

How do you know that! We have to explore the possibility that in Sera's search for Lightning, she might check her apartment first!

Lightning's apartment is missing content from FF13!

TheMyst4462d ago

I still think FFXIII2 is partly content they cut out after going multi. There's a lot of stuff they couldn't implement and even with all the stuff they cut out, the 360 version of FFXIII was still pretty bad (from what I played).

Just as bad as the bayonetta discrepancy. Especially the cutscenes, after seeing them on PS3, the 360 version just looked bad.

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Godmars2904462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )



Calm moment here - reason I'm so pissed is that this means that the initial plot of XIII which was suppose to be resolved in that game and was needlessly stretched out in XIII-2, is now being stretched out again. With this if true, Square is literally bleeding rock from a stone. *THIS* is active milking people. Every Final Fantasy was suppose to be its own complete story, but this is just Square throwing up their hands and admitting that they've run out of ideas. In a multiverse where one world each faced its ultimate crisis, the originators of the idea are saying they're not going to freakin' even try anymore. That we - okay, you at this point - are so stupid and addled that they can shove the exact same story in your faces.


(back to cursing...)

colonel1794462d ago

What's funny (or actually sad) is that the Crystallium myth was supposed to be the three FF XIII games (FXIII, VsXIII, agitoXIII) and now, we have 2 games of XIII (and now maybe 3), agitoXIII became a game of its own, and they haven't even finished versus XIII. So much for that mythology.

Now the question is, will they release XIII-3 BEFORE versusXIII? because, really, SE is deep down the bottom so far down that when Wada looks up, he sees the devil.

DaTruth4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

Actually there was a lot of back-story that was left unexplored! There's room for a story about the first Pulse-Cocoon war and then the 700 years of time that Vanille and Fang were in Crystal sleep and Pulsian society was wiped off the planet!

I would have really liked to know how the total destruction of Gran Pulse's people came about and why! What made the Pulse Fal'cie send them on endless quests until the completely destroyed them?

Kamikaze1354462d ago

I think they're doing it to be safe. If XIII-2 sells very well and after Versus XIII is out they want to milk something they'll go with making XIII-3.

Supman4462d ago

but still no kh3...

UltimateIdiot9114462d ago

KH3 is schedule after FFVs.XIII. If we aren't getting FFVs.XIII anytime soon, don't expect KH3 any sooner than 2-3 years after FFVs.XIII.