Forza Motorsport 4 Week In Review 9/9

As you probably know, Forza has entered into an official partnership with the American Le Mans Series. To celebrate the launch of Forza 4, Turn 10 is planning a launch celebration party at the Petit Le Mans during the last weekend of September. Held at Road Atlanta in Braselton, Ga., the Petit Le Mans is the final race of the 2011 ALMS campaign.

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EdwardS0872684d ago

I really don't know where these console-power arguments come from, this is one of the best looking games to date.

ironwolf2684d ago

It is the best looking thing I've seen on any console to date. We'll probably need new consoles to top it.

31 days and counting.

Jocosta2684d ago

At first I thought it would only look that good in autovista mode, but after seeing gameplay, I can see I was wrong.

ironwolf2684d ago

The game play and replay footage that was shown on Top Gear USA was astounding. I can see people posting a lot of replay videos on Youtube once this is released.