PS3 NFL Sunday Ticket Package Broken Down in to Four Payments

John Parie of writes - "With the first batch of NFL Sunday games less than 24 hours away, the NFL Sunday Ticket is finally available in the PlayStation Store. While the $339.95 price tag was shocking to some when the partnership was announced during E3, there is some hope in sight.

Being that we are a thrifty group of gamers, we were delighted at the news that DirecTV and the PlayStation Store are allowing customers to pay the tidy sum in a more manageable way, four payments of $84.99. The fine print also cautions would-be purchasers that once the subscription has been started it can’t be canceled."

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kma2k2647d ago

f'ing stupid. I pay $100 a year for mlb app and there are 10 times as many games litterally!

Leviathan2647d ago

Agreed. I love my Green Bay Packers but 340 bucks is too much for 16 games. I'm not paying five bucks a quarter for football. SO...I went down to Menards and bought an hd antenna for forty bucks. No joke, the picture is 1080p w/ dd 5.1 and it looks EVEN BETTER THAN CABLE.

Rainstorm812647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

So what happens when someone in your area who is a Washington Redskins fan want to see their games ?

Besides you get all the games not just one team, this package is for football fans most gamers arent huge football fans, let alone they barely play madden...

@ above baseball sucks it should be cheap lmao

Im just curious if you can gameshare this that would be excellent...

dinkeldinkse2647d ago

Living in Illinois, all Fox shows is garbage games(Rams and Bears)and CBS only shows Colts, Patriots, and Steelers. I only want to watch my Redskins and the Sunday and Monday night games.

TooTall192647d ago

Antenna is the best quality you can get as long as your signal is strong. Football games look amazing.

Leviathan2644d ago

@Raiinstorm81 Here in Wisconsin, we only have Packer fans :) least in my house.
Viva Football.

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BX812647d ago

@kma2k omg please don't compare baseball to football. Put your baseball players againts football players and watch their season deminish!

Leviathan2644d ago

I would love to watch those baseball guys get worked in their stupid little

Godmars2902647d ago

Oh yeah, that's really going to make that rip-off more appealing to the average Joe...

JohnParie2647d ago

You can't game share, but you can move it from one console to another.

Rainstorm812647d ago

damn that sucks, i was looking to go half with a friend and gameshare......i guess thats out

Ryo-Hazuki2647d ago

That's how much it is on Direct TV. Only reason I have direct tv was because of sunday ticket. For ppl who are interested and dont have dtv its a good deal.

Leviathan2644d ago

If you get Direct tv now, you can get free Sunday Ticket on your Android this season. Free Sunday Ticket.
Free. woohoo.

nevin12647d ago

lol,Back in my youth days, I rather play sports outside but I been watching way to much sports these last 6 years or so but I still refuse to pay extra. I love it when the NBA and MLB will give you a free week during the 1st week of the season, but I don't need to see a million games a week if it isn't free. The NFL games they give on Sundays on local channels is good enough. Hell, NFL Network replays games anyway while ESPN at other sports cable channels have a billion highlights during the national televised games.

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