Are Video Games Entering a Digital Dimension?

Game Podunk blogger, AdamMcCarthy writes, "For years now, services such as Playstation Network, Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, and the recently launched EA Origin have provided digital downloads of games to those who wish to play them. It is now more evident than ever that we are moving into a more digital realm. Despite the fact that digitization has many advantages, is the gaming world prepared for a shift from the Discs and Cartridges we have grown to love to entirely digital copies of games? Is it worth the risks of abandoning physical copies of video games to allow the growth of a digital gaming empire? These are valid questions, and to answer them, we have to look at both sides of the story."

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2648d ago

Yes, with internet being so mainstream these days and internet speed very fast i see no reason why it wont enter all digital. Maybe next gen will be all digital which is a great idea.

_Aarix_2647d ago

Haha fast internet my ass

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2647d ago

I've got a 50mbs connection so yeah.. fast

xabmol2647d ago

I've got a 1mbs connection so yeah... "fast" :/

Thecraft19892647d ago

Maybe where you live but where most of the game companies get there money no. Most have broadband speeds of 8 Meg and lower on average. Look at Australia and new Zealand the poor bastards. Even america has an average of 4.4 Meg. UK getting closer to 7 Meg average now but still not fast enough.

Now you think all this can sorted in time for new generation console ? Not chance you know how much money it will cost to lay fibre in small towns ? Too much for the likes of ISP's so there waiting on government funding. So really to make this possible for the millions of millions of gamers who buy console for simplicity it could take 10's of years.

_Aarix_2647d ago

well good for you but not EVERYBODY has a good connection. I cant game online whenever a computer is on due to lag and setting issues. And I guarantee you more people have average or sh*tty connection than whats needed to go digital. Plus people prefer physical copies.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2647d ago

well i want a console to have both ways. I don't use my xbox 360 alot but when i do i like to download games on demand.
I get some areas arnt well developed yet and they're yet to have fiber optic internet but i say 10 years we'll all be their.

ShaunCameron2647d ago

Umm. No. There's plenty of places where the Internet speed is only average at best. And bandwith caps are still an issue.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2647d ago

Depends on your ISP than, because we have no bandwidth caps on mine "VERIZON FIOS" has no caps

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MrWonderful2647d ago

We will never completly move away from it, but it will be an option. Most people prefer hard copies to fulfill the sense of ownership

laaakokaracha2647d ago

thats exactly the problem...but also that you cant resell it..

however, would you still insist on hard copies if prices for soft copies reduce significantly, lets say 30-40% cheaper?

_Aarix_2647d ago

They wont reduce the price..theyll use it as an excuse to make more money.

VanguardOfCalamity2647d ago

if books are any indication I think physical media will always have a place - all be it a smaller and smaller part (what can I say I like tangible things)