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Ignoring the list of problems this game has had since release this review focuses on the core gameplay.

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Big_Mex2649d ago

Been having alot of fun with this game. Looks amazing with everything maxed in 1080p on my 52 inch :D

duger2648d ago

it looks quite nice on X360 and big TV. the only issue is ocasional framedrops and screen tearing as a consequence. i've eard that it's much more of a problem on PS3 (like any other multiplatform).

Big_Mex2647d ago

Ya i got the 360/PS3 too but for multiplatform gaming PC all the way. Love my 360 for halo/gears/sports games/xbla and my PS3 for their amazing 1st party games. PC's got me spoiled graphics wise though. Also, most games have dev controller support on PC :D

Miths2649d ago

I was really unsure about whether to get this game (and if so also whether I should opt for the PS3 or the PC version). Reviews weren't terrible, but there seemed to be a lot of negative player feedback both regarding bugs as well as general gameplay and design, and several of the reviews also made it sound like it has many frustrating sections for particularly solo players.

In any case, I finally decided to buy the Steam version a few hours ago, and after some minor tweaks to FOV and graphics settings hidden away in configuration files, I'm having a blast with the game so far.
Entertaining melee combat, seemingly relatively comprehensive RPG mechanics and fairly decent graphics (1920x1200, high settings plus some extra tweaks) with solid performance even on my aging PC.

I'm usually a solo player in games of these types, but the one button drop in feature is so simple to use that I'll probably end up playing co-op with random strangers a fair bit.
Just finished tonight with a couple of missions with first three and then one other player.

duger2648d ago

IMO best way to have fun with the game is to play solo for majority of time, and joining 'nearby player' only when I feel overwhelmed.