Is Nintendo doomed?

NightOfTheLiving8Bit covers Nintendo's beginnings, gaming successes and possibly their losing touch with gaming in general.

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Ulf2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

I love Nintendo's characters and franchises, and I think very highly of their game developers.

That said, their business chumps, who keep releasing ancient hardware at a premium pricetag, and throwing 10 zillion new add-ons and gimmicks at us each year...

I'm okay with that business model flopping, and changing the industry for the better. That long as Mario and Zelda are saved from the consequences somehow, I am fine with Nintendo's current business model exploding, because I despise it.

Mario must survive, though. If Mario dies, it needs to be Bowser who lands the fatal blow, not the NYSE.

Hisiru2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Nintendo is ALWAYS doomed, got it? That's what people will always say.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2596d ago

Nintendo have lost me as a customer years ago during the N64 era. I've never looked back but it's mostly because i don't like the games they have. Zelda, Mario, Metrioid just never appealed to me and Ps1 had everything i wanted in a game.

etowntwo2596d ago

It's funny you say that because its those three games that will always keep me buying Nintendo consoles.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2596d ago

It's ok, i've liked the older super mario games on the nes and nes, it's just they've never been good with third party games as well. So of course i had to look elsewhere.

iamtehpwn2596d ago

If they survived Gamecube, they can survive anything.

Honky Kong2596d ago

and the game cube was my favorite. i own every nintendo system even vitualboy

NukaCola2596d ago

Gamecube was so money. I don't like that it was overshadowed. Best games came from GC. Resident Evil 4, Phantasy Star Online, Metroid Prime, Wind Waker, Eternal Darkness, and the best ghost game of all LUIGI'S MANSION...!!!

rezzah2596d ago

I know that RE4 was on the PS2 as well, not sure about the 360.

Also Luigi's Mansion is debatable, especially when it is going up against the fatal frame series.

AWBrawler2596d ago

wait what? you left them when they were at arguably their strongest point. OOT was on N64, as well as Mario 64, Smash Bros, Banjo Kazooie, Jetforce Gemini, Goldeneye 007, wrestlemania 200, Perfect Dark, and all kinds of games

garos822596d ago

how the hell can the leader of the current gen in console sales be doomed? flaimbait article

colonel1792596d ago

Well, Sony was the leader last gen and it didn't turn out very well for them this gen. The same could happen to Nintendo next gen. As long as MS doesn't get to be the leader worldwide; that would destroy gaming. Not that I don't like the Xbox, but MS's practices are very dirty and like to keep everyone down (but that's another story).

Biggest2596d ago

Sony isn't doomed. Nintendo isn't doomed. What the hell is doomed anyway? Are they going to hell? They sure aren't going out of business any time soon.

jacksheen00002596d ago

I love Nintendo, but they're constantly digging a deeper and deeper hole from one mistake to the next. That being said, some of the mistakes Nintendo has already made so far was quite Obvious; simply because it doesn't take a rocket science to know when not to use a technology that isn't ready for entertainment use. And yes, I m taking about 3D with out glasses.As of now, I blame Nintendo for that making this fatal mistake. Not to mention, the circle Pad is UGLY. And, if you ask me, the circle pad attachment looks like a tumor that needs to be surgically removed from the 3DS's coachwork.

I have a bad feeling that the Wii U controller is going to be a failure simply because of the amount of data that needs to be streamed on the fly, with out any hiccups of course. Truth is, I believe the streaming technology during game play is not ready for entertainment use. I mean, Streaming Videos is one thing, but keeping the connectivity intact during game play is another. Now don't fault for thinking negative. But something got the give or Nintendo will end up like the Dreamcast scenario.

Nuff said!

John Kratos2596d ago

Things sure as shit aren't looking good.

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