IGN: Battlefield: Great Glitches and Cheap Tricks

IGN: After nine years of Battlefield games, here's a look back at some crazy memories.

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Anti-Fanboyer2648d ago

Should have mentioned Battlefield 2: Modern Combat's wall glitches. People hiding inside walls and shooting people.

floetry1012648d ago

Check out 2:35 on the "Jihad Quad" video. Unbelievable.

trenso12648d ago

Lol atv+c4 i dont get off wheb i pull the master plan just switch to back seat and blow my self up with my target in a suicide attack

Swiggins2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

Countless Hours have been spent and many Rage Mails have come into existence because of me and my friends exploiting C-4 in Bad Company 2.

There is no better feeling in the world (other than sex) better than blowing that helicopter flying, spawn trapping asshole out of the sky with C-4. It's gaming's cocaine orgasm.

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