IGN: God of War: Kratos Is an A$$hole

IGN: We've spent enough time around Kratos, the ghost-skinned hero of legendary Sony's God of War series, to know he's not exactly the sort of guy you're likely to take to the senior prom. But now that the God of War: Origins Collection has ported the series' two PlayStation Portable chapters, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, to the PlayStation 3, we have the opportunity to track Kratos' adventures in chronological order, on a single platform.

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HannibalBarca2600d ago

Maybe.......ok yeah he is, but he's the a$$hole everyone knows and loves.

And lets be honest he's straight up badass!

guitarded772599d ago

IGN just figured this out... I thought it was obvious after the first GoW game. Oh, and anyone who disagrees with Hannibal has never experienced Kratos. He is in fact a straight up badass.

egidem2599d ago

He's the ultimate badass... I don't think it gets more hardcore than Kratos. How do I put this;

Kratos can endlessly repeatedly beat the living hell out of his father until one of the following happens:

-Your controller runs out of juice
-Your thirst for ultimate revenge is quenched.
-You thumb is tired of hitting the O button.

He's that crazy.

Kratos has this awesome but disturbing behavior of repeatedly beating the sh!t out of his enemies before he proceeds onto step 2.

Like Helios and Hercules' heads (God of War 3) are repeatedly bashed/smashed onto the ground with his foot/gauntlets until you just wonder if he'll ever stop.

Pozzle2600d ago

Isn't that...kinda the point? I don't think he was meant to be portrayed as a nice guy?

egidem2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

The only time Kratos plays nice is when he's busy doing the women in the mini sex games -- that's as nice as he goes.

Other than that he never smiles, gets his revenge when he wants to, fights titans, visited hell a couple of times and back as well. He even has the balls of doing Aphrodite then he rubs it in her husband's face, Hephaestus by killing him!

Notice that most of the people Kratos meets throughout the games die by his hand (directly or indirectly).

LadyGaga2599d ago

There's a difference between being an antihero and complete slime.

The entire time I was playing GoW, I was kinda' rooting for every boss I fought to win.

tarbis2599d ago

I get. You're jealous and wished Kratos was doing you instead of Aphrodite. XD

Agent_hitman2600d ago

Kratos is a bada$$ heroine, good for hack and slash roles

RedDead2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )


I like the games, not a fan of Kratos, i dunno how people still consider a character based solely on anger and revenge a good character, I like these type of characters because they are entertaining, but they're still shi* characters. Atleast he follows through on his shi* though, his will is unbreakable.

Ironically the character in my Pic is currently a mad bastard hell bent on vengeance...but still, as I said 'entertaining'

Corax2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Characters like Kratos a character based solely on anger and revenge a good character go down in history, ever heard of Hamlet. I win. OR (my favorite) even Edmond Dantes you may know him better as the count. google it im not going to tell you.

Simon_Brezhnev2599d ago

so i guess you like the same old Hero save the day type character.

HeavenlySnipes2599d ago

Look at it from his POV

- When given powers from Ares, he was forced to slay his family and has to live with the guilt for the rest of his life (the ashes from their burnt bodies forever on his body also)

- You can see the guilt when he sees his daughter in GOW: Chains of Olympus when he ALMOST breaks down after meeting her again. (He even tries to kill himself just to escape from it, you can see that he is in fact human, not some rageaholic)

- He spends a lot of his life being the Gods' bitch, doing their dirty work

- Athena promises him in GOW that she can erase the memories that torment him (killing his family in cold blood)

- At the end of GOW, Athena says "Oops, did I say I can erase those memories? I lied :D"

- Kratos is forced to be the new GOW, he never signed up for that shit

- At the beginning of GOW2 he is betrayed by Zeus and stabbed with the sword of Olympus (at this point he wasn't really vengeful, but that was the last straw. Being lied to by the Gods after all those years, then being betrayed by the lead one soon after joining their ranks made Kratos reach his boiling point)

- At this point, Kratos doesn't give a flying fack anymore, he is going to destroy all the gods for being lying pieces of shit.

- Sides with the giants,then they betray him in GOW3 so he now is back to being a standalone killing machine.

- GOW3 plays out and *SPOILERS* he kills himself to end all the pain and suffering that he'd have to deal with after killing his family and father.

Corax2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

@HeavenlySnipes you know some people haven't played GOW3 and you should label your comment SPOILER just out of courtesy for gamers instead at the END when people get done reading it

@RedDeadDestroyer First off dont pm me, if I knew how to disable that I would. I'm only replying publicly so you do not have the idea it's ok to pm me again. It's not ok and don't pm me back EVER! If anyone knows how to disable this let me know. Also there is a reason why you have one bubble to reply. I don't know the reason why but i can guess trolling or some fanboy fanatics and/or a personal attack. Lastly Kratos is good character, he's not really "good/positive" but just because you dont like him for a reason which is an idiotic reason you gave and then tried to justify it with giving me another character who's similar is beyond me. And no one ever said a character who's sole purpose is revenge will end well. You must not understand the mind of a man who is out for revenge. They care not for anyone else just that there goal succeeds. If there are a few casualties to this goal so be it. Most of the people well things Kratos kills is undead or myths come to life. There has been few occasions when Kratos kills mortals and when he does it's remembered or because it was self defense. Alot in this and any other game is self defense when you really think about it. You make it seem like Kratos is a terrible character when you don't know why he's seeking revenge in the first place which leaves me suspicious to say you've never played the God of War series, or at least the first few games on PS2. You also must not have played God of War 3 or misunderstood the ending to say he automatically turns "good" i can understand if you see his action as good but it really was more in spite not to let the other character get what it wants. (trying not to spoil it for people reading this and have not played GOW3) And I can't understand you like the "games" but dont like the "character"? So you like the story on a mortal seeking revenge on the Gods but you dont like the mortal who is seeking revenge? HE'S THE BLOODY STORY! I shouldn't have replied to you in the first place but I had to seek my revenge in you replying to me in an pm.

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Quagmire2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Thats one of the reason I've never liked the character. The games are amazing, but Kratos imo is heavily overrated.

I mean, would you like it if you played an entire WW2 FPS game as Hitler?

sarshelyam2599d ago

What an inane comparison. Really? Hitler? You really don't understand the character (Kratos) if you compare him to a neurotic, hysterical, schizophrenic, narcissistic, genocidal & ultimately delusional lunatic.

Kratos, at least, had justifiable motive, if not a pitiable and tormented soul.

newn4gguy2599d ago

I agree with you, but you're trying too hard.

Quagmire2599d ago

You pretty much described Kratos there too, buddy

MiloGarret2599d ago

Justafiable motive? Doesn't he unleash all the forces of nature on mankind in GOW3? Doesn't that imply that he more or less commits indirect genocide? The Hitler comparison is not exactly accurate, but it's not far off. If you think Kratos is badass in GOW3 you need to off yourself. Kratos (from GOW3) is one of the saddest excuses of an antihero ever created.

He pretty ok in GOW, it got worse in GOW2 but was still bearable and the game still outshined his sad state. Santa Monica apparently realized just how retarded the majority of their fans were sometime during the development of GOW3 and subsequently adjusted his character to fit their retarded expectations. Too bad really, because at core it's a fun and entertaining game.

clarkdef2599d ago

Man I would love to play as Hitler you're onto something there man!

sarshelyam2599d ago

Actually no, Milo, I don't agree. I don't think the murder of Poseidon was so clear. Sure, he wanted to kill him because he stood in his path, but to be compared to Hitler he would have had to possess the knowledge that his actions would have had such cataclysmic results and, as you've stated, this was an indirect action. Whether he knew the results of such a deed is to infer the intent behind the character. Honestly, the last two games leading up to the third should have indicated he acts before thinking, that makes him a careless fool, not a genocidal maniac.

Also, I'm not sure where this comment is directed: "If you think Kratos is badass in GOW3 you need to off yourself.", but I'd say it's a little harsh and misdirected. At no point did I say he was a badass, in fact, I said "Kratos, at least, had justifiable motive, if not a pitiable and tormented soul." If you read that as me thinking he's a badass, I won't suggest you " yourself." but I would suggest a pair of glasses and a course in reading comprehension.

wenaldy2599d ago

He's anti-hero protagonist..

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