The Witcher 3 Confirmed

According to the official Witcher website and a recent interview with, the third installment in the series has been confirmed.

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gravemaker2594d ago

i just hope it will be released not more than 2 years from now

Tigerfist2594d ago

Let them take their time. Polished is what we want and not just a rehashed 60 bucks game like some developers give us...

renegade2594d ago

They have to polished better the fight dynamics.

kcuthbertson2594d ago

Are we talking polish as in how well a game is finished or polish as in the game is made in poland =P

Solid_Snake-2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

the longer it takes the better. im still up for more add-ons. think witcher 2 is my GOTY so far.

@above. what was wrong with the fight dynamics. i thought it was perfect.

renegade2594d ago

I just finish the game few days ago. The wild hunt will be the thing on the game can't wait for further details.

Tigerfist2594d ago

That I like. I just hope they find some balance on the gameplay, the change from 1 to 2 was quite radical to the point that they felt like two very diffrent games.

All in all a quality RPG series that is quite welcome here. The Witcher was a very pleasant surprise.

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pipipi2594d ago


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