New Releases for the Week of September 11th, 2011

This week’s new releases may be one of the few times a chihuahua, mouse, fox and a duo of puppets live in harmony. From Ren and Stimpy’s cameo in Nicktoons MLB, Fox Mcloud’s appearance in Star Fox 64 3D to Sackboy and the Gunstringer’s motion-controlled exploits, a menagerie of protagonists awaits players. Perhaps the peaceful coexistence could be attributed to everyone’s favorite domestic diva- few dare awake the fire in Cooking Mama‘s eyes.

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madmad2688d ago

Star Fox 64 3D!

Do a barrel roll...

sharpsword2688d ago

Some OK release this week. The Bit.Trip games were always fun.

mediastudies2688d ago

Man, someone beat me to it? WHY?

Ren and Stimpy baseball sounds fun, but I don't really like some of the newer Nick toons. Let's hope Dora doesn't make the team.

iXenon2688d ago

People normally post it on Sundays >:( this guy wanted to be first...

madmad2688d ago

I think Tech-Gaming always posts on Friday evenings. At least from what I've seen.