PS3 consumers waiting for quality games, says Ramsdale

EA's VP for UK and Ireland is convinced of a strong future for Sony's console: Keith Ramsdale has told he believes that the future of the PlayStation 3 is strong - but consumers are waiting for quality software titles to arrive.

"If you look at FIFA 08, on its first weekend the PS3 numbers were 75 per cent of the Xbox 360 numbers, despite the 360 having a massively higher install base. That's not that the 360 has underperformed, not for a moment. That's because the appetite for a quality game on the PS3 is there and maybe FIFA is the first game to come and show where the quality is." Ramsdale said.

"I think PS3 consumers are waiting for the right game and they want to see the quality." Ramsdale adds.

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Gordii4930d ago

I am sure you will see a huge pickup starting Christmas and the 2008 season due to the major release of games ps3 will have and in the future.

jiggyjay4930d ago

When people buy into potential games sometimes you get burned.. Just ask the PS3 owners who bought their $600 console 6 months ago for games that weren't out yet but promised to be AAA titles..Lair, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank.. Fast forward 6 months later.. The console they bought for 600 bones can now be had for $400-$500... We know that the first two flopped bad! Warhawk had no single campaign.. Uncharted isn't scoring like a triple A title and Ratchet and Clank would be fun if your still in elementary school! But hey the PS3 does make a great HD movie player if that's what your into!

So people shouldn't buy into potential or blind promises! Learn your lessons people!

season0074930d ago

Lair maybe a flop but heavenly sword?
and i have yet met one single person not enjoying warhawk......

Rama262854930d ago

When you step out of this site and into the real world, you'll see how ridiculous your comments are. Out of everything you just said, only one thing was correct and that is saying that Lair was a flop - but what is considered a flop? What review score it gets or how many copies are sold? To suggest Heavenly Sword is a flop is just ludicrous and straight out WRONG. That is one of the best games available for the PS3.

Warhawk doesn't need a single player campaign as the multiplayer is so brilliant. Dumbass. Uncharted isn't scoring like an AAA game? What planet are you on! And to suggest Ratchet & Clank can only be enjoyed by an elementary school stupid just sums you up. You're not a gamer, you're a fanboy who believes everything on sites like this.

Soon you'll only have one bubble and I'll no longer have to read your comments. YAY.

Skerj4930d ago

Hah if we went with lessons learned like you suggest we most certainly wouldn't buy a 360. You saw how MS dropped the original Xbox to bring the 360, how do we know they won't do it again? Sony has proved 3 times already that while having slow starts, their systems will pick up and dominate. The only one that hasn't relatively dominated in the past PER SE is the PSP. But it still has a very large amount of units in circulation and an awesome library with features galore. Against Nintendo's handhelds that's certainly nothing to sneeze at.

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Sevir044930d ago

consumers are waiting for quality titles for PS3, it's just ashame none of them are coming from EA...

ruibing4930d ago

Yeah, I find it funny EA of all developers are talking about something like this. This is like Gabe Newell (I hope I spelled that right) talking about patience and understanding with developing on the PS3.

Skerj4930d ago

LMAO this is quite funny considering the source, dare I say ironic? But seriously that charactaristic applies to all gamers not just PS3 owners. What since one quality game comes out we don't want more? Personally I'm waiting on about 10 games from next year off the top of my head. We want quality games on every platform and console unfortunately that doesn't happen . I want as many awesome games as my shrinking freetime allows and I'm sure every other gamer agrees with me.

TheMART4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

Small difference. 360 owners have had a killer app in August (Bioshock), September (Halo 3) and now soonish another one Mass Effect. Plus ofcourse some multiplatform games that are also on the PS3, like COD4, but still, 360 owners spend more money already and their pockets are getting empty.

PS3 owners on the other hand didn't got much. Some like Ratchet & Clank, and then there is upcoming Uncharted. So that's why they're more waiting for killer apps and buy stuff like Fifa 08 a lot probably. Because there ain't so much else exclusive

EDIT (below)

Maybe so, but the first year the 360 didn't have any next gen competition. The PS3 has strong competition now. Next gen gamers on the PS3 are starting to complain because they see those great games on the 360. And still then, the 360 had more games on or over 90% exclusives average rated then the PS3 has now after a year. PS3 is just a bit left out on those.

Skerj4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

Maybe so but Bioshock, Mass Effect, and Halo 3 weren't out in the 360's first year. I was still waiting for games back then but I eventually got them.


You're right, after checking metacritic and gamerankings the 360 did have more overall 90+ ranked exclusives than the PS3 within respective system's first year. Gears of War, GRAW is also listed but that was multiplat. I'll give you that one anyway since the camera was different on the 360 version. I'm not a review zombie anyway so pretty much any game I purchase does well for me, I'm just using your rules for the sake of this debate.

But does the 360 not having any next gen competition the first year really help your argument? They were out first with no one to compete, there should have been much more of a "Wow" factor over more than Dead Rising and Gears of War. I'd expect the 360 to have the games they are getting in the SECOND YEAR, if it didn't there'd be something wrong. Just like in 2008 there are some heavy hitters on the PS3, maybe then people will ease up and stop using double standards.

god_o_war4930d ago

yea but the thing is in the 360s first year it had no competition and it was the ONLY NEXT GEN console out so for that its games were done better and werent compared to anything else there for it had nothing to loose and kept up to next gen aspects .... but in the ps3s 1st yr its been critisised so badly that if any thing is a bit rong wit the game compared with 360 this also gives it a lower score

season0074930d ago

yes it is good that we have a strong and pristine lineup for 2008, but we should change how we speak now, no more future wordings...there are already a number of good titles out there and it is keeping me, and many other PS3 owners busy. GET RID OF THE FUTURE WORD!

We shouldn't let all these xbots picking our wording no more because the lack of game problems officially is solved and YES we are good now.

Of course we will get better but not we are not dead waiting for future, NOT ANYMORE!

solidt124930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

I agree. Ratchet and Clank is out and is a AAA must have title. COD4 is hot, Heavenly Sword is great, Warhawk. Uncharted is shipping today. The PSN is doing great. There are alot of reasons to own a PS3 Now!! not Later but Now!!

Thanks to a price drop and Dynasty Warriors 6 the PS3 outsold the Wii last week in Japan. That is major and shows that things are changing in a major way and fast.

leon764930d ago

Agree too... Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, Ninja Giaden Sigma, Oblivion, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm, Uncharted, COD4, PES2008 (i have no issues with that, except online),Warhawk (one of the best online game of all times)...We have allready Quality Games!!!1

jackdoe4930d ago

Lol. Never thought I'd see Fifa and Quality in the same sentence.

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