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A little more spit and polish could have significantly elevated the title to the ranks of the FPS elite. The old school gameplay was a winner in my book; just don't expect to be wowed by the plot or anything else.

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SoapShoes2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

I completely disagree, it is a solid 9/10 game... And before someone foolishly comes in here claiming that it's his opinion and he has a right to express it, well fine... I have the right to express myself by disagreeing.

Telling everyone that you have no right to disagree with a review(someone's opinion) is doing the EXACT same thing as someone saying a review is wrong. Therefore making you a hypocrite and thus quite lame.

Oh and it's submitted by Newleaf... Too many 9/10s lately, couldn't handle it?

TBM2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

100% agree with you, im playing co-op with my brother and its a blast. i also disagree with the low scores but hey what can you do these might be the type of people who love the rinse and repeat style of CoD.

so far for me its a solid 9 also and i wont let the idiot haters tell me otherwise. yup leafy is the biggest sony hater, and ultimate M$ fanboy on this site next to a few others we can name instead of enjoying games they like to spread misery lol.

also has any aussie site give this game above an 8 let alone a 9 just out of curiosity?

i dont want to spoil it but did anyone get up to the part that absolutely just turn your stomach and made you really mad?

smashcrashbash2598d ago

Newleaf seems to have issues wuth the the 8s, 9s and perfect scores R3 has been getting, so has been trying as hard as he can to find the 7s for it.
Not sure why but I think many people on this site can't handle that its doing well now that most of the sites they predicted would give it a bad score didn't. So much work just to make a game look bad. I have to give these people credit though. I never try as hard as they do even if I hate a game.

monkeymagik2598d ago

Excellent game, worth 9 easily.

josephayal2598d ago

OMG i love This game IMO the best FPS of this gen by far.... By far

Pintheshadows2598d ago

I bought it today and finished it today and campaign wise I have to agree. During one part I actually said out loud " this is f*cking unbelievable". Also, whats with the graphics hate. It looks magnificent. 9 for me easy.

The story is touching as well. Not your usual Dudebro BS.

Knushwood Butt2598d ago

I'm enjoying it so far, but still trying to find Move settings that I'm happy with.

Also, the battery in my 3D glasses ran out so I need to go and buy some more before my next session..

dc12598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Great to know that I can't trust this site on any future game reviews....

This game is by far one of the most *immersive* games that if have played in a very long time. Best FPS this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.